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Election year 2019 - The Program of Dr. William Hester

In principle I stand for the Bündnis 90/Grüne Program

What I especially want to change in Saxony:

I like Saxony and Leipzig, but . . . a lot ought to be better:
1. There are not enough teachers to teach full schedules at schools. We have been complaining about this for years, but the problem just gets worse, .
2. Nor are there enough police to solve crimes.
3. The building code was written in the last millenium and tends to prevent the changeover to renewable energy instead of promoting it. Our dutiful planning officials and Architects work rather conscientiously, if measures for renewable energy are not prescribed by law, you cannot expect public officials to require them. The law has to be changed to require them.
4. Nor do the building code and zoning regulations promote affordable housing near places of work, which makes ever more people have to spend more time commuting between home and work leaving them less time to raise a family.
5. German rail owns vast areas of railroad tracks near the train stations in Leipzig and Dresden (and of course in all other cities) that could built over with apartment or terraced housing complexes with photovoltaic and micro wind power unit on their rooves and garden areas. Then the areas would be used 100 % for rail traffic as before, 100 % for housing or leisure, and 100 % for renewable energie and CO2 conversion. The rising commuter statistics would be reduced, as would the need for more mobility infrastructure. German rail would not have to invest so much to improve services and get more power suppliers. But if German rail should let these areas be exploited for commercial use, it would create more jobs in central areas, increase the number of commuters and the need for more investment: that would be as naive as business planning can get.

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