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: Bryan of Cheddington, Bryan in Claire, Bryan (or Brian) of Laugharne Castle, Bryan (or Brian) of Tor Brian, Bryan (or Brian or Brien) of Walwyn's Castle, Bryan of Virginia
Bryan/Bryant Y DNA project
There are doubts concerning the early generations of this family. There were several successive heads of the family called Guy. Some web sites show just 5 generations, with the first being Guy 'Adomarus' (a 1219). Some of those sites show him to be a son of Alphonse de Brienne, Count d'Eu, but no evidence to support this has been seen. Not least because TCP (Bryan) identifies the father of Lord Bryan as "of Tor Brian, Devon", we provisionally follow those sites (including some providing advice about Laugharne Castle) and, according to a site visitor (CH, 11.04.04) who kindly brought this to our attention, a guide book about Laugharne Castle, which report that there were 7 successive Guy de Brians with the first being was ...
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Br25 =26. Guy de Brian or Bryan of Torbryan or Tor Brian (a mid-12th century) (I) b about 1145. This seems to be the same as Guy, who was an uncle of the above named Alphonse..
Br24 =25 Guy de Brian or Bryan (II) b about 1170
The first mentioned by many sites is the following Guy who is reported as having first appeared in South Wales in about 1219.
Br23 =24 Guy de Brian or Bryan ('Adomarus') (b c1202) (III)
m. Jane de la Pole named in some web sites
Br22 =23 Guy de Brian or Bryan of Walwyn's Castle (b 1228, d c1268) (IV)
BE1883, which starts with this Guy, clearly reports that he had 2 wives, Eve (mother of Maud only) and the unidentified mother of the next Guy. On the grounds that, for these early years, information about a widow is often more clearly recorded than information about earlier wives,
m1. ?? Joan,
Br21 =22 Sir Guy de Brian of Walwyn's Castle, Laugharne Castle, and Tor Brian (b c 1254, d 1307) (V) D'azur a trois piles d'or (Glover). Or. 3 piles az. (St. George). Comr. re peace with Llewellyn, P. of Wales, 29 Sep. 1267 (P.R.). His w. Eva was d. h. of Henry de Tracy of Barnstaple. It seems more likely from the dates that Eve was the second wife of this Guy rather than of his father as shown below. Eve was daughter of Henri de Traci. Protection, going to Wales for K.., 24 Jan. 1277 (P.R.). Sumd. to serve agst. Welsh 1 Jy. 1277, and 1282 (P.W.). Having served with K. in Walses 10 Ed. I, has his scutage in Devon 5 Jan. 1286 (S.R.). Owes �60 to Exors. of Maurice le Bright of Ireland Nov 1286 (C.R.). Sumd. to Council at Gloucester 15 Jy. 1287, and at Rochester 8 Sep 1297, and to serve against. Scots 1298 and 1301 (P.W.). Holds 2 Kt. Fees, val. �20, at Slapton, Devon, 8 Jy. 1292 (C.R.). Dead 6 July. 1307, holding many lands in Camarthen and Pembroke, Slapton Manor, Devon, and rents at Nymyd St. George, Kylmeton, and Lyw, with Toriton Manor, some of these held jointly with his w. Sibyl, by enfeoeement of Walter de Sully. They left s. h. Guy 23. His mother Joan, wid. of his f. Guy de Bryan, has one-third of the Camarthen lands in dower (Inq.). Livery to his s. h. Guy 16 Oct. 1307 (F.R.).
m.about 1286 Sibil de Sully (dau of Walter de Sully and Mabel de Somery). AccordingBradley there was a Walter de Sully about this time who was the brother of the Sarah de Sully who married Sir William Malet about 1240. Vandeleurcreagh is more complete. The temporal, geographical and genealogical proximity of the de Sully/Malet/Trivett/Cary families make it obvious that we are dealing with the same family here, if not necessarily the same generation or branch of the de Sully family.
Br20 =21 Sir Guy de Brian or Brien of Walwyn's Castle, Laugharne Castle, and Tor Brian b c 1280 d by 1349 VI)
There is some confusion as to the identity of the wives of this and the next Guy. TCP (FitzPayn) reports that the first wife of Lord Briene was Joan, "da. (it is said) of Sir John de Carreu, of Carew" but TCP (Bryan) reports that Lord Briene "appears to have [married] .... Ann, or Alice, da.and h. of William Holway ....., but she possibly was his father's wife." As TCP (Bryan) reports that a "Guy de Brian ... and Alice his wife, were living 27 Jan 1343/4" and as Lord Briene is known to have married his second wife by July 1350, we suspect that Ann/Alice Holway was second wife of this Guy. For his first wife, we follow various web sites as identifying her as ...
m1. Wenthlian Lloyd dau of Sir Griffith Lloyd of Anglesea who brought the first account of the birth of Prince of Wales to King Edward I.
Br19 Guy de Brian or Briene or Bryan, Lord Bryan or Briene (d 17.08.1390) (VII) "The early part of the genealogy of this family is very contradictorily given in several pedigrees relating to it; but as no parliamentary barony was acquired by it before the reign of Edw. III., it is not necessary to endeavour to reconcile the discordant statements. Guy de Brian, son and heir of a preceding Guy, was first summoned to parliament the 24 Edw. III.(=1351), and from thence to the 13 Ric. II., the year after which he died. (1) During his life he was a very eminent and distinguished person and military commander, was created a knight of the garter by king Edw. III., and was in great favour with that warlike monarch. He had issue a son Sir Guy de Bryan, junr., who died in his lifetime, leaving two daughters his co-heirs, and co-heirs to their grandfather the baron at the time of his death, the 14 Ric. II. Of these daughters, Philippa the eldest, married first, John, son of Sir John Devereux, knt.; and secondly, Sir Henry le Scrope, knt., but had no issue. Elizabeth, the youngest daughter, married Robert, son of Sir John Lovel, knt., between which daughters the estates were divided. (2)
As mentioned above, TCP (FitzPayn) identifies Lord Briene's first wife and mother of Elizabeth as Joan (Carrew) but, strangely, she is not mentioned in TCP (Bryan). Many web sites suggest that Elizabeth's mother was Anne Holway but, as reported above, we suspect that she was this Guy's step-mother. The mother of Elizabeth is also given as Elizabeth, daughter of William, Earl of Sarum, widow of Hugh le Despenser
m1. Joan Carew (probably dau of Sir John Carew of Carew)
Br18-1 Elizabeth de Brien She is also shown as sister rather than daughter of Guy Baron Briene
m. (before 10.1354) Robert de Grey, later FitzPayn of Cherlton-Grey (d 21.05.1393)
m2. (before 10.07.1350) Elizabeth Montacute (d 31.05.1359, dau of William Montacute, 1st Earl of Salisbury)
Br18-2 Sir Guy de Briene (dvp 1386)
m. Alice de Bures (a 01.1393, dau of Sir Roibert de Bures of Bures St. Mary)
(a) Philippe or Alice de Briene (b c1378, dsp 1407/8)
m1. John Devereux, 2nd Lord (or John de Ros)
m2. Sir Henry le Scrope
(b) Elizabeth de Briene (b c1380)
m. Sir Robert Lovel
Br18-3 Sir William de Briene (dsp 22.09.1395)
m. Joan
TCP and BE1883 both report that, apart from Guy who dvp, the sons of Lord Bryan died without issue. However, several web sites show this William as father, by Joan FitzAlan, of Thomas Bryan (see below), ancestor of the Bryans of Cheddington. As some of those web sites give dates for that Thomas's father as 1349-1413, and noting that TCP reports that the above William died in 1395, it is suggested that those web sites have identified the wrong William.
Br18-4 Philip de Briene (dsp before 14.02.1388)
Br18-5 Margaret de Briene
m. Hugh de Courtenay (dsp 20.02.1373/4)
Br18-6 Philippe de Briene (a 10.1406) She is also shown as sister rather than daughter of Guy Baron Briene
m1. Edward Bohun (dvpsp 01.1361/2, of Midhurst family)
m2. Sir John Chandos of Snodhill, 3rd Lord (dsp 16.12.1428)
BE1883 (Bryan) shows two Philippes: one, aunt of this one, being the one who married Sir John Chandos. However, TCP (Chaundos) reports that Philippe, daughter of Lord Briene, was widow of Edward Bohun when she married John Chandos.
Br18 Thomas de Briene possibly of this generation and son of one of the two wives.
m. Margaret Etchingham
Br20 Jane de Briene possibly of this generation and daughter by the first wife if the marriage to Sir John Cary is taken as about 1349 although their son seems to have been born at Holway indicating a greater relation to the de Holway family .
m2. (before 1343/4) Ann or Alice Holway (a 1343/4, dau of William Holway of Holway) She is also claimed to have been his first wife which fit better with the Cary connections to Holway,
Br20-2. Ela de Briene or Bryan (d 16.02.1355/6)
This connection is not fully secure. It is thought that Sir Guy had a daughter by his first wife but her identity is unclear. TCP, in its articles on Marshal and FitzPayne, suggests that the parentage of their wife Ela was not known. BE1883 (Marshal) does not name John Marshal's wife but BE1883 FitzPayne) shows Ela as daughter "and co-heir of Guy de Bryan". The dates suggest that she was of this or the next generation shows a long pegiree down to 1910.
m1. John Marshal, 2nd Lord (b 01.08.1292, dsp 12.08.1316)
m2. Robert FitzPayn, 2nd Lord (d 30.11.1354)
m2. Eve (dau of Henry de Traci of Barnstaple)
Br20-3. Maud de Briene (d 1279) being heir to said Henry, 21 Aug. 1274 (Cart.R.).
m1. Nicholas Martin of Kemes (b c1236, dvp c1260)
m2. Geoffrey de Canville or Camville, 1st Lord (d before 21.09.1308)
Br18. Thomas Bryan of Cheddington (b 1358, d 1444)
Various web sites show Thomas as son of William Bryan, son of Guy, Lord Bryan, but we doubt that he was because:
(1) some of them, which show Thomas's dates as above, show that William's dates as 1349-1444, suggesting that William fathered Thomas when he was 8 years old.
(2) as mentioned above, we doubt that that William was son of Lord Bryan.
(3) the date of birth more likely makes him the son of Guy, whom I have hence coded Br18 above.
m.Margaret Echyngham
Br17. Edmund Bryan of Cheddington (b 1412)
m. Alice Bures
Br16. Thomas Bryan of Cheddington (b 1438, d 1500, chief justice)
m. (1463) Margaret Bowsey
Br15. Sir Thomas Bryan of Cheddington and Ashridge (b 1464, d 1517) He was knighted by King Henry VII in 1497, and was Vice Chamberlain to Queen Katherine of Aragon.
m. Margaret Bourchier (d 1468, d 1551, dau of Sir Humphrey Bourchier) she was governess to first Princess Mary Tudor, later to Princess Elizabeth Tudor. d in 1551/52.
Br14. Sir Francis Bryan (d 02.02.1549/50, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland)
m 1548 Joan Fitzgerald (dau of James FitzThomas or Fitzgerald, 10th Earl of Desmond) This political marriage may have suffered under a secret affair of Joan with Gerald Fitzgerald 15th Earl of Desmond.
Br13 Sir Francis Bryan in Claire b 1549 held large estates in County Clare.
m Ann Smith b 1 Jun 1560 Clare IRE d there 1 Jun 1635 dau of Sir William Smith
Br12-1 Reported by was:
Whanganoche Bryan b 1 Jun 1590 Clare IRE
Br12-2 " Richard Bryan b 1598
Br12-3 " James Bryan b 1603 IRE
Br12 William Smith Bryan in Claire b Jun 1599 Clare IRE d 1667 Gloucester Co VA, to Virginia He seems to have been Irish through and through. His followers dubbed him "Prince William of Ireland" and during the Puritan rebellion he attempted to gain the throne of Ireland, and was deported by Cromwell in 1650. WILLIAM SMITH BRYAN, from whom the American family descends, was together with his family and possessions, exiled to the Virginia Colony for anti-English insurgent activities. The final 't' ('BRYANT') was added to the name at the time of the American Revolutionary War. Both died in Gloucester, Va.
m Catherine Morgan b 1603/4 Co Claire/Clare Ireland. Co or Tredegar Monmouth Wales d 1 Jun 1680 Gloucester Va dau of does not show her family name but (no longer available) did
+1 Thomas Morgan b 1560 Llaurhynmy Monsmouth Wales d 1647 Prior
m Catherine Herbert b c 1564 Cogan Pell Glamorgans Wales d 1604
+2 Nicholas Herbert
m Mary Morgan
Br11-1 Francis Bryan b 1 Jun 1630 Clare IRE d 1 Apr 1693/4 Belfast IRE
m Sarah Brinker from Denmark d 1 Jun 1634 Denmark
Br11-1-1 William Smith Bryan b 1 Jun 1685 Belfast IRE d 1789, to Virginia had issue continued below
m1 Margaret shows her name as Brockers b c 1695 Roanoke Va d 1804 Salem Va
This connection has been doubted for 70 years according to Dorthy Mack whos descends from the Martha Bryan + Edward Boone marriage below. Br11-1-2? Capt Morgan Bryan b 1671 in Denmark d 1763 Chester Pa ?Virginia had issue Morgan and his brother William came to Pennsylvania in 1718.
m2 Martha Strode about 1719 in Virginia b possibly in Holland between 1678/1690 d 1747/1762 in Rowan Co NC. Morgan's last will in on file in Rowan County, NC. Will Book A, page 13.
Br11-1-2-1? JOSEPH BRYAN (continued below)
Br11-1-2-1-1? ELINOR BRYAN b. 1722 m y LINVILLE
Br11-1-2-1-2 MARY BRYAN
m Cornelius Howard. and V4UXN show a marriage to Phillip P. Bush and a son John William Bush b 2 Feb 1742 in Orange Co. Va. d 3 Mar 1798 in Ky which agrees with inasmuch as Cornelius Howard married the daughter of the above Joseph Susannah Howard b about 1775 NC d 1833 Pulaski Co Ky
m Vincent Garner b 1771 NC d 22 May 1851 Pulaski Co Ky son of Vincent Garner
-1 Cornelius Garner b about 1794 NC d 1830 Pulaski Co Ky m Vincent Garner b 1771 NC d 22 May 1851 Pulaski Co Ky -1-1 Mary Matilda Garner b 19 Feb 1821 d 1866 Bates Co Mo m Joseph Cornelius Smith b 19 Sep 1811 Pulaski Co d 6 Nov 1883 Mo -1-1 Malinda Smith b 28 Dec 1835 Pulaski Co d 24 Apr 1916 Navarro Co Tx m William Abner Bryant b 1 Jun 1833 Pulaski Co d 16 Aug 1862 Battle of Lone Jack, Jackson Co Mo son of William Bryant b 4 Oct 1809 Pulaski Co d there 7 Oct 1889 and Sarah McClure Wshington Co Va d 1900 Pulaski Co and grandson of Abner Bryant b 31 Auf 1777 Va d 3 May 1872 Science Hill Pulaski Co and Sarah Surber b 24 Jul 1788 Wash Co Va -1-1-1 William Robert Bryant b 25 Apr 1853 Pleasant Gap Bates Co Mo d 16 Nov 1942 Navarro Co Tx m Sarah Ann Haste b 2 Jul 1854 Pulaski Co d there 1899 -1-1-1-1 Eddie Tusco Bryant b 22 Feb 1895 Science Hill Pulaski Co d 4 Nov 1970 Bay City Matagorda Co Tx m Bethel Lee Gill b 22 Sep 1899 Navarro Co d Bay City 3 Dec 1956 -1-1-1-1-1 Edwood Flenoia Bryant b 18 Oct 1916 Blooming Grove Navarro Co Tx d 26 Mar 2005 Victoria Tx m Muriel Marie Wright b 12 Jan 1913 Waxahachie Tx d Lufkin Tx 24 Jan 1989
Br11-1-2-1-3 COL. SAMUEL BRYAN, b 1726 m Masmilla Simpson d 1800.
Br11-1-2-1-4 MORGAN BRYAN II, cont. below b. 20 May 1728/9 in Shenendoah Valley Va or Chester Pa d before 1804 Bourbon Co Ky, Y-DNA R1b1b2
m Mary Forbes. b c 1731 Va dau of George Forbes
Br11-1-2-1-5 JOHN BRYAN, b. 1731. possibly m. Nancy
Br11-1-2-1-6 WILLIAM BRYAN, cont. below . Mar 7 1733/4
m Mary Boone b Nov 10, 1736, d May 7, 1780 (killed by Indian raid on Bryan's Station).
Br11-1-2-1-7 JAMES BRYAN, b. 1735, m. Rebecca Enochs
Br11-1-2-1-8 THOMAS BRYAN, b. 1737, m. Sarah Hunt.
Br11-1-2-1-9 Rebecca Bryan reported by b 1735 Winchester Frederick Co Va d 1822 Rowan Co NC continued below m John Boone b 6 Dec 1730 d about Jul 1803 Mocksville Davie Co NC
Br11-1-2-1-10 Sarah Bryan reported by b 1735 Winchester Frederick Co Va d 1788 Rowan Co NC continued below m Samuel Bailey b 6 Dec 1730 d about Jul 1803 son of William Bailey and Elizabeth Blowers
Br11-1-3 Cornelius Bryan (b 1693/4, d 1751, to Virginia, USA) had issue m Rebecca
Br11-1-4 Lewis Bryan Sr b c 1662 Isle of Wight VA d 1740 Bertie NC
m Elizabeth Hunter b c 1 Jun 1669 Surry Co VA d 1 Jun 1730 Bertie NC
-1 Simon Bryan b 1 Jun 1589 Surry Co Va d 25 Nov 1751 Bertie m1 Elizabeth Bailey b 1691 Pasquotank NC d 1750 + 2 ch dau of David Bailey b 15 Apr 1683 d 1745 and Ann m2 x ?West
-2 Lewis Bryan Jr b 1693 d 1771 Craven NC
-3 Elizabeth Bryan b 15 Sep 1694 ? Nansemond Co Va d 18 Jan 1753 Bertis NC m1 Thomas Whitmel m1 William Robert Hunter
-4 Mary Bryan m Bush
-5 Joanah Bryan m Francks
-6 Ann Bryan m1 Gray m2 Nichols
-7 Edward Bryan b c 1699 Surry Co VA d 14 Mar 1762 Bertie NC m Martha West b 1720 dau of Dr Thomas West and Martha Ann Blount b 22 May 1702 Scotch Hill Bertie Co NC d 1732 dau of John William Blount b 16 Sep 1669 NC d 17 Mar 1725 Chowan Prec Albemarle Co NC and Elizabeth
-8 William Bryan
-9 Janett Bryan m Hill
-10 Joseph Bryan
-11 Sarah Bryan m Lovick
-1-1 Joseph Bryan
-1-2 David Bryan
-3-1 Mary Harrington
-3-2 Thomas Whitmel Jr b 9 Dec 1713 Bertie NC d 15 Dec 1779 Bertie
-3-3 Mary Whitmell b 14 Feb 1715 d 3 Aug 1728 Chowan NC
-3-4 Sarah Whitmell b 5 Jan 1719 VA d 1783 Barnwell SC m Henry Robert Hunter
-3-5 Elizabeth Whitmel b 28 Feb 1717 Surry Co VA d 5 JUl 1794 Barnwell Co SCm1 George Pollock, m2 William Williams m3 Thomas Blount
-3-6 Martha Whitmell b 20 Feb 1721 Bertie NC d 1791 Barnewell SC m1 Charles Worth Blount b 31 Oct 1721 Mulberry Chowan NC d 11 Mar 1784 Harvey Neck m2 Henry L Bate m3 John Hill
-3-7 Anne Whitmell b 15 Mar 1724 d 1727
-3-8 Winifred Whitmel b 25 Dec 1729 Surrey Co VA d 1795 Warren NC
-3-9 Lewis Whitmel b 31 Jan 1731 Bertie d 11 Dec 1739
-3-10 Mary Whitmell b 1733 d 7 Aug 1807 m Francis Pugh IV
-7-1 Winnefred Bryan b 1762 m Reed
-7-2 Thomas Bryan
-7-3 Edward Bryan
-7-4 Sarah Bryan b c 1747 Bertie NC d 17 Jan 1821 Plymouth NC m Capt Thomas Baker
-7-5 Mary Bryan m y Lockhart
-7-6 Martha Bryan
-7-7 Elizabeth Bryan
-7-8 Ann Bryan m Ryan
-7-9 Janette Bryan m Hill-Pugh

-3-4-1 Henry Hunter b 1740 d 1783 Craven SC m Fannie ?Hunter
-3-4-2 Mary Hunter
-3-4-3 Winifred Blount Hunter b 1742 Bertie d 19 Jul 1810
-3-4-4 Thomas Hunter
-3-4-5 Elizabeth Hunter
-3-4-6 Mary Bryan
-3-5-1 Elizabeth Whitmell Williams b 18 Oct 1751 d 5 Jan 1789 m John Johnston
-3-5-2 William Williams Jr b 1752 Martin NC d there 3 May 1829 m Elizabeth Williams + 7 ch dau of Solomon Williams and Temperance Boddie b c 1734 Isle of Wight Co VA
-3-5-3 Samuel Williams b 10 Feb 1753 Martin Co NC d 11 May 1805 m Charity Alston Dawson + elizabeth Whitmel Williams b 1775 m William Alston
-3-5-4 Francis Blount b c 1727 NC
-3-5-5 Whitmell Blount b c 1738
-3-5-6 Winifred Blount b c 1744 NC d Jul 1799 m Col Whitmell Hill + 6 ch
-3-5-7 Patsy Blount
-3-6-1 Augustine Bate b 1738 d 1765 Granville NC
-3-6-2 Col. Whitmell Hill
-3-6-3 Sarah Hill
-3-6-4 Winfred Hill
-3-6-5 Henry Harry Hill
-3-6-6 Elizabeth Hill
-3-6-7 Mary Hill
-7-4-1 Richard Baker
-7-4-2 Sarah Baker b c 1776 m George Nicholls b 14 Apr 1774 Bertie NC d 29 Apr 1847 Plymouth NC
-7-4-3 Thomas Baker
-7-4-4 Susanna Baker b c 1780 m James Williams
-7-4-5 Martha Baker b c 1782 m y Hardison
-7-4-6 Elizabeth Baker b c 1784 m y Sutton
-7-4-7 Mary Baker
-7-4-8 Edward Bryan Baker
Br11-1-5 Francis Bryan Jr b 1670 Maribo Zealand Denmark d 5 Apr 1763 NC
Br11-1-6 Bryan O'Bryan
reported by Br11-2 John Smith Bryan b 1 Jun 1626 Down Parish Clare Ireland d 1 Jun 1687 Norfolk Va
m Sarah x b 1 Jun 1617/34 New Kent Co VA/Gloucester Engl d 1 Jun 1685 Isle of Wight Co VA
Br11-2-1 Lewis Bryan b c 1660 d 1 Jun 1735 Bertie NC
m Elizabeth Hunter b1 Jun 1669 Surrey Va d 1 Jun 1730 Bertie NC.
Br11-2-1-1 Elizabeth Hunter Bryan b d 15 Sep 1694 Bertie NC m Thomas Whitmell Jr b Surry Va d 24 Nov 1735 Bertie NC.
Br11-2-1-1-1 Mary Whitmel reported by b about 1692 Surry Co Va m Thomas Harrington b about 1690 Surry Co Va d about 1743 Northampton Co NC son of John Harrington b about 1652 Northampton Co Va d about 1743 Northampton Co NC and Ann Major b about 1655 grandson of Thomas Harrington b about 1624 Northampton Co Va d 13 Nov 1713 Porquimans Pct NC if born before 1614 possibly the son of that name of Sir Henry Harrington and Cecilia Agar
Charles Harrington b 1721 Bertie Pct NC d 1771 NC m Agnes Hill b 1730 NC d 14 Aug 1797 Chathan NC and had Drury Harrington Sr b 1751 NC d 1837 Chambers Co Al m Rachel Petty b 1755 d 1823 SC andhad Drury Harrington Jr.
Br11-2-1-1-2 Martha Whitmell m John Hill and had Sarah Winifried Hill m William Scott Pugh
Br11-2-2 William Bryan reported by b about 1655 d c 1742 Pasquotank Co NC
m Alice MacLand b c 1672 Johnston Co NC dau of
+1 John Macland and Elizabethx/?Alice Needham b 1616 Isle of Wight Co VA d there 1690
Br11-2-2-1 Needham Bryan b 11 Feb 1690 Isle of Wight VA d 2 Jun 1770 Bertie Co NC
m1 Susanna Harrell b c 1715 d 1752 NC + 2 ch
m2 Sarah Woodward b c 1725
m3 Anne Rambeau b 1695 Bertie NC d 16 Jan 1730 Snowfield Bertie NC + 6 ch dau of Quitiane Rambeau
-1 Cecilia Bridgett Bryan b 1743 d 1773 m William Roach b 21 Mar 1750 son of John Roach b 1725 d 1750 and Elizabeth Jett b 1729 d 1750
-2 Ann Elizabeth Bryan b 22 May 1750 Johnston Co NC d there 1 Jun 1830 m William Ingram
-3 Elizabeth Bryan b 1714 Snowfield Plantation Bertie Co NC m James Williams
-4 Col William Bryan b c 31 Oct 1724 Snowfield Bertia Co NC d 1780 Johnson NC m Elizabeth Smith
-5 Rachel Bryan m Whitfield
-6 Jesse Oliver Bryant, I
-7 Mary Bryan m Gardner
-8 Ann Bryan m Gause
-9 Col Needham Bryan II
-1-1 Bryan Roach b 1773 NC d 1852 Marshall KY m Nancy Hanks b 1781 d 1858
-2-1 Winnefred Ingram b 2 Mar 1783 Johnston Co NC d 5 Jul 1850 Spring Hill Maury Co TN m William Lane
-3-1 x Williams b c 1729 Bertie Co NC m1 Jerusha Cain m2 Jesse Jernigan
-3-2 Ezekiel James Williams
-3-3 Barbara Hill - Whitfield
-3-4 adopted Ferbe McCoy Williams m Theophilius Williams of Horse Springs
-4-1 Captain Lewis Bryan
-4-2 William Bryan II b 18 Jul 1747 Bertie NC d 14 Sep 1800 m Elizabeth S Gray b 27 May 1759 Snowfield Bertie
-4-3 Blake Bryan, I
-4-4 Elizabeth Sasser
-4-5 Esther Smith
-4-6 Susannah Bush
-4-7 John Bryan
-4-8 Mary Lee
-4-9 David Bryant
-4-10 Arthur Bryan
-4-11 Hardy Bryan, I
-1-1-1 Eliza Roach b c 1795 d 1825 m Miles H Burklow
-3-1-1 James Jernigan
-3-1-2 Jesse Jernigan
-3-1-3 Jerusha Jernigan
-3-1-4 Sarah Jernigan
-3-1-5 Alexander Jernigan
-3-1-6 Familiere Jernigan
-3-1-7 Alice Jernigan
-3-1-8 Elizabeth Jernigan
-2-1-1 Charlotte Temple Lane b 20 Jun 1800 TN m John Anderson Powell
-4-2-1 Frances Lee Bryan
-4-2-2 William Gray Bryan, III
-4-2-3 Elizabeth Smith Bryan
-4-2-4 Ann Gray Bryan
-4-2-5 Janet Smith Bryan
-4-2-6 Susanna Bush Bryan
-4-2-7 John Stevens Bryan, I
-4-2-8 James Lewis Bryan
-1-1-1-1 William B Burklow b 24 Jun 1826 Calloway KY m Jane Campbell b 26 Jul 1832 IL d 15 Feb 1859 IL
-2-1-1-1 Frances Jane Powell m y Love
-2-1-1-2 William "Billy" Bainbridge Powell
-1-1-1-1-1 James Melvin Burklow b Jan 1853 m Matilda E Sullivan b 17 Apr 1854 dau of George P Sullivan and Eliza
Br11-2-2-3 Maj.John Bryan b 2 Jan 1691/2 Isle of Wight Co Va d 31 Oct 1794 Beard's Creek NC/?31 Oct 1741 Edgecombe NC
m Elizabeth Joyner b c 1695 Isle of Wight Co Va d 1782 NC
-1 William Bryan
-2 Arthur Bryan
-3 Ann Bryant m y Smith
-4 David Hopper Bryant
Br11-2-2-2-1 Elizabeth Bryan b before 1731 d before 1818 SC m Richard Hart b Surry Va b about 1721 d SC
Br11-2-2-2-1-1 Mary Bryan b before 1731 d before 1818 SC m Joseph Sasser and had Stephen Sasser/Saucer who m Sarah Frances Hart see below
Br11-2-2-2-1-2 John Bryan b about 1760 NC d Sep 1823 n Bogue Chitto Miss m Mary Gill b about 1758 Columbia SC d Sep 1822 Lawrence Co Miss and had Sarah Frances Hart b Richland Co SC d before 1840 Lincoln Co Miss who m Stephen Saucer see above and had Alzada Sasser b 1835 d 4 Mar Taylor Co Tx m Henry Bennett Alexander
Br11-2-2-3 -1 Michael Bryant Sr
Br11-2-2-4 Mary Bryan b 1705 Isle of Wight Co VA d 1780 Johnston Co NC
m1 John Lee b 11 Mar 1690 ?Johnston NC d 4 Dec 1766 Johnston NC
m2 William Raiford
-1 Barthania Lee b 1725 d 1755 m Ingram
-2 Edward Lee b 1725 d 1775
-3 Capt Thomas Lee b 1729 d 1816
-4 John Lee b 1730 d 1787
-5 Mary Lee b 1731 NC d 1797 Johnston Co NC m Edward Ballenger b 1736 d 1772
-6 Buster Lee b 1734
-7 Frederick Lee b 1737 d 1814
-8 Rachel Lee b 1741 d 1768
-9 Sabray Lee b 1742 Johnston NC d there 1795 m John Green son of Josiah Green b 1710 SC and Catherine Beal b 1730 SC
-10 Philip Riford b 1751 d 1807
-11 Patience Raiford d 1808

-5-1 Mary Ballenger b 1752 d 1820 m Jesse Purvis b 1740 d 1796
-5-2 Sarah Ballinger b 1759
-5-3 John Ballinger b 1760 d 1792
-5-4 William Ballinger b 1763 d 1788
-5-5 Absabeth Ballinger b 1771 d 1852
-5-6 Feriby Ballinger b 1768
-9-1 John Green b m Sabray Lee b 1742 Johnston NC d there 1795 dau of John Lee b 11 Mar 1690 ?Johnston NC d 4 Dec 1766 Johnston NC and Mary Bryan

-5-1-1 Needham >Purvis b 1775 d 1837
-5-1-2 William Purvis b 1777 d 1850
-5-1-3 Jesse Purvis b 1782 d 1860
-5-1-4 Edwrad Purvis b 1785
-5-1-5 Nancy >Purvis b 1789
-5-1-6 Obedience Purvis b 1790 d 1866
-5-1-7 John Purvis b 1794 d 1835
-5-1-8 Bennett Purvis b 1798 d 1882
-5-1-9 John Purvis b 1800 d 1866
-9-1-1 Aquilla Green b 1765 SC d 1812 GA m Mary Margaret x ancestors of Kevin Lilly, author's DNA match

-5-1-1-1 Godfrey Purvis b 1803 d 1870
-5-1-1-2 Elizabeth Purvis b 1806
-5-1-1-3 Needham Purvis b 1821 d 1900
-5-1-1-4 Mary Purvis b 1821 d 1872 m John Whitley b 1820 d 1890 son of Wiley Whitley Wheatley b 1775 Edgecombe Co NC d 6 Sep 1830 Monroe Co AL m1 Mary Polly Snoody/Snoddy b 1790
-5-1-1-5 Jacob Purvis b 1822 d 1888
Br11-2-2-4 William Bryan b 1692 Nansemond VA d 1774 Bertie NC
m Catherine King b c 1700 dau of Henry King
-1 Michael Bryant Sr b 1714 Bertie NC d 25 Apr 1794 m Olive Hodges b c 1729 Bertie NC dau of Robert Hodges and Ann wid of Edmond Wigans
-2 Sarah Bryant m y Gardner
-1-1 Michael Bryant Jr
-1-2 Elisha Bryant
-1-3 Jesse Bryant
-1-4 Marthew Bryant
-1-5 Needom Bryant
-1-6 Sarah Bryant
Br11-2-2-6 Alice Bryan
Br11-2-3 Edward Bryan (reported by b 1661 Isle of Wight Co Va d 1738 Craven Co NC m Christian/Christine Council
Br11-2-3-1 Edward Bryan II b 1690 m Ann Zilphy Deiptt b 1676
Br11-2-3-1-1 Joseph Bryan continued below b 1730 Craven Co NC d there 1805
m Sarah Maule b 1734 Craven Co NC
Br11-2-4 John Smith Bryant Jr b c 1650
Br11-2-5 Samuel Bryant b c 1662
Br11-2-6 Elizabeth Bryan b c 1663 Isle of Wight Co VA
m Dr David Hopper b c 1651
-1 David Hopper b c 1680 Bertie Co NC m Elizabeth Freeman b c 1680 -1-1 Thomas Hopper b c 1716 Culpeper VA d there 20 Nov 1809 m Mary Ann George -1-1-1 Thomas Hopper
-1-1-2 Catherine Hopper b 1752 Culpeper VA m Joseph Coons Jr
-1-1-3 Catherine Jemima Hopper b 1757 Culopeper VA m William Jett Tapp
Br11-2-6 Walter Bryant b c 1664
reported by Br11-3 Catherine Bryan
reported by Br11-4 Thomas Bryan, Sr b c 1619 Clare IRE d 1 Jun 1685 Richmond VA
m Mary Wright b 1619 Richmond VA d there 1 Jun 1689 dau of Thomas Wright b c 1589 and Mary x b 1589
-1 Thomas Bryan of North Farnham Parish b 28 May 1649 North Farnham Richmond Co VA d there aft 26 Oct 1717 m Eleanor Winnifred b c 1649 Rappahannock River Old Rappanhannock Co VA dau of Thomas Winnifred and Mary -1-1 Thomas Bryan Jr b 12 Jul 1688 North Farnham Parish d there 10 Feb 1726 m Margaret Jeffrey b c 1695 Richmond VA + 5 ch dau of Edward Wilson Jeffrey and Elizabeth m2 Mary x + 1 ch
-1-2 Robert Bryan b 1690
-1-3 Margaret Bryant b 29 Jul 1693 North Farnham Parish d 1750 Richmond Co VA m Caron L Brannan b c 1683 Bedford Engl d 4 Sep 1764 North Farnham Parish Richmond Co VA son of John Caren Branham and Rosanna
-1-4 Winifred Bryant b 1694 North Farnham Parish m Hugh McKay
-1-5 John Bryant Sr of North Farnham b 1694 Richmond VA
-1-6 Mary Bryant b 28 May 1695 North Farnham Parish d 1780 Amelia Co VA m John Hightower b 1692 Richmond Co VA son of Joshua Hightower and Eleanor Charnold b c 1675 VA
-1-7 George Bryant b 2 May 1699 North Farnham Parish d by 1717
-1-1-1 Wilmoth Bryant b by 1721 North Farnham Parish d there aft 1770 m Joshua Stone
-1-1-2 James Bryant
-1-1-3 Peter Bryant
-1-1-4 Lanceroy Bryant
-1-1-5 Robert Bryant
-1-1-6 James Bryan
-1-3-1 Thomas Alexander Brannon Sr b 10 Apr 1723 North Farnham Parish d May 1804 Johnston Co NC m1 Catherine Croucher b 1726 Richmond Co + 1 ch m2 Eleanor Winifred + 10 ch
-1-3-2 Caron L. Brannon, Jr.
-1-3-3 James Benjamin Brannon
-1-3-4 Joseph Brannon
-1-3-5 Elinor Eleanor Brannon m Croucher
-1-3-6 Virginia Brannon
-1-6-1 Eleanor Hightower b 10 Jan 1722 North Farnham Parish VA m Greenham Dodson
-1-6-2 John Hightower, II
-1-6-3 Thomas Hightower Jr
-1-6-4 George Hightower
-1-6-5 Rebeckah Hightower
-1-6-6 Richard Hightower
-1-6-7 William Hightower
-1-6-8 Joshua Hightower of Richmond, VA
-1-1-1-1 Benjamin Stone b b 1733 Orange NC d 1795 Madison KY m Sarah Lewis
-1-1-1-2 Thomas Stone
-1-1-1-3 William Stone
-1-1-1-4 Moses Stone
-1-1-1-5 James Stone
-1-3-1-1 Caron Brannan
-1-3-1-2 James Branham
-1-3-1-3 Sarah Brannon
-1-3-1-4 Thomas Brannon Jr
-1-3-1-5 Leroy Brannan Sr
-1-3-1-6 William Brannon
-1-3-1-7 NancyBrannon m Youngblood
-1-3-1-8 TabithaBrannon m Duck
-1-3-1-9 John G Brannon
-1-3-1-10 Jessie Brannon
-1-3-1-11 Samuels Brannon
reported by Br11-5 Morgan Bryant b c 1621 Clare IRE d Jun 1684 Gloucester Courthouse VA
reported by Br11-6 Henry Bryant b c 1623
reported by Br11-7 James Bryant b c 1628
reported by Br11-8 William Smith Bryan Jr b 1630 Gloucester VA d 1717 Richmond VA
m Alice MacLand
reported by Br11-9 Margaret Bryant b 1631 IRE
reported by Br11-10? David Bryant Sr b by1840 Co Clare IRE d 1 Jun 1865 Gloucester VA
reported by Br11-11? Edmund Bryan d 1 Jun 1690 Gloucester VA
possibly of this generation
but a difference in Y-DNA has been reported between this Richard Bryant and Morgan Bryan above. The descent of the latter from Francis Bryan has been doubted which only discounts the difference in DNA without confirming the descent.
Br11? Dr Richard or Thomas Bryant b c 1640, d 1704/4 in Stafford Co. VA As a medical doctor by profession, his social status would seem to fit in this family and there were other close relatives of this family in Virginia too at this time.( shows no Richard fo the above marriage, but a Thomas b c 1619 Clare IRE d 1 Jun 1685 Richmond VA m Mary Wright b 1619 Richmond VA d there 1 Jun 1689 dau of Thoms Wright b 1589 and Mary)
m Keziah Arroyah Ja10 b c 1642 dau of->
+1 Wahanganoche Ja11
m ?Mary granddau of->
+2 Japasaw Ja12
m Ka-Okee b about 1609/10 d c 1638.
+3 Kocoum younger Patawomack chief, d c ?1612
m Matoaka "Pocahontas" baptized as Rebecca (m2 John Rolfe was baptized on May 6, 1585 Heacham, Norfolk, England as the son of John Rolfe and Dorothea Mason)
Br10-1 Dr. Richard Bryant b about 1658
m c 1720 Anne (Meese) Redman, was the daughter of Henry Meese, whose first wife is also believed to have been a daughter of Chief Wahanganoche,
m Dr. Richard Bryant
m Seth Anderson, also of Indian blood of the royal line of the Pamunkey Tribe, who was also his cousin through the Patawomecks
Br10-2 Thomas Bryant b about 1660 probably as below
m Elinor believed to have been his Indian servant of that name.
Br10-3 Martha Bryant b about 1662
m Thomas Foley
Br10-3-+x Bryan Foley co-owner of land grant with his cousin's husband, Robert Gallop
Br10 Silent Bryant b about 1678
Lucy Doniphan daughter of Capt. Alexander Doniphan
Br9 Elinor Bryant b about 1698 /d in Stafford Co. VA
Robert Gallop
Br10-5 Nathaniel Bryant
p Mary Amees, b/d in Stafford Co. Virginia,
Br10-6 Elizabeth Bryan, b/d in Stafford Co. Virginia, possibly the same as who married David Hopper continued below
Br10-7 Richard Bryan, m Beth b/d in Stafford Co. Virginia
reported by possibly dau of this Richard. Br10-7-1 Margaret Bryan cont. below b about 1730 m Samuel Owens b about 1725 son of John Owens possibly the same as d 1712 in Richmond C0 Va
Br11-4 Morgan Bryant I b c 1621 Clare IRE
Br11-5 David Bryant Sr b c 1622
Br11-6 Catherine Bryan
Br11-7 Edmund Bryant b c 1627 Clare IRE
Br11-8 James Bryant b 1628
Br11-9 William Smith Bryan Jr b c 1629 Gloucester Va
m Alice MacLand
Br11-11 Catherine Bryan
Br11-12 Lydia Bryant
Henry Bryant b c 1623
-2 Elizabeth Bryan identified by a site visitor (DS, 21.07.07) as of this family, of this generation
m. Sir Nicholas Carew of Beddington
William Bryan continued from above (b 1685/6 Ballyrony Irel, d 1789/90 Salem Virginia, m Margaret Brockers. data from
possibly here Mary Bryan reported by b 1706 Isle of Wight Co Va d 178.92 Johnson Co NC dau of William Bryan b about 1681 Isle of Wight and Alice McCloud
m John Lee Esq b about 1705 Richmond Co Va d 4 Dec 1766 Johnston Co NC son of Richard Lee b about 1678 Surry Co Va d 10 Dec 1726 N Farnham Parish Richmond Co Va and Mary Young b about 1679 and grandson William Lee and Alice Felton great grandson of Richard Lee and Anne Constable Owen, ancestors of Gen. Lighhorse Harry Lee and Gen Robert E. Lee
Edward Lee b 1728 Buckingham Va d 5 Jun 1775 Johnson NC m Mary Allen b 1730 Va d 1810 NC
Jeremiah Lee b 1771 Johnson NC d 1 May 1823 Johnston NC m Elizabeth Avera b about 1769 Johnston Co NC
Winfred Lee b 14 Mar 1791 Johnson NC m Jeremiah Blackman b 7 jul 1792 Johnston NC d 1873 son of Arthur Blackman and Sally
Sarah Ann Blackman b 9 Jun 1834 Johnson NC m Daniel Sellers b 10 Sep 1828 Johnston NC d 6 Sep 1884 Selma NC
George William Sellers m Elizabeth Catherine Futrell
Daniel Crawford Sellers m Viola Capps
George Grover Sellers m Annie Mae Savage dau of Charlie Stephen Savage and Sara Elizabeth Jane Carter and grandau of John James Savage (son of Charlie Wright Savage by Elizabeth Young) and Idella Alcora Knowles Joseph Kenan Carter and Mary Matilda Georgia Milissia Savage (dau of charlie Wright Savage by Sarah Ann Bland)
William Bryan b 1725 Salem Va ( shows b 1716 Banbridge Down Ireland and elder son Joseph Josiah Bryan) d 2 Jul 1806 Salem Va m Margaret Watson b 1724 Freehold? Fort Monmouth NJ d 1804 Salem Va dau of Philip watson b 1690 NJ d Freehold NJ
Joseph Josiah Bryan b 1742 King George Co Va d 1796 Culpeper Co Va m Martha West b 1729 Surry Co Va d 1786 Surry Va
Margaret Elizabeth Bryan b 1771 Culpeper Grayson Co Va d1845 Elk Creek Grayson Co Va m Alexander Sutherland b 1743 Sutherland Scotland d 18 Sep 1843 Elk Creek son of John Sutherland b 6 Feb 1726 Edinburg d 1781 Edinburg and Jean McCleland b 1720 Edinburg
Phillis Sutherland b 14 Sep 1794 Elk Creek Va d 29 Oct 1879 Round Meaadows Grayson Co Va m Griggs Hampton b 22 Nov 1788 Grayson Co Va d Round Meadows
Violet hampton b 3 May Round Meadows d 11 Apr 1892 Galax Grayson Co Va m Cox Edwards b 24 Sep 1813 Hooker NC d 5 Jan 1890 Alleghany NC
Jennie Edwards b 1840 Va m Rufus Burroughs b about 1846 d 8 May 1925 Leavenworth Ka
Ida Burroughs m James E. D. Warrick and had Wilma Eugenia Warrick m Volney Hunter Wells and had x Wells
William Bryan b 1750 Salem Va d 1826 m Martha Patsy Love b 24 Dec 1747 Charles Co Md d 1802 Buckland Va
John Love Bryan b 1792 Knoxville Tn d 10 May 1866 Granville Oh m Calista Griswold b 15 Jan 1807 Windsor Conn d 27 Oct 1892 Granville Oh
Edward Payson Bryan b 2 Jul 1845 Ashtabula Oh d 23 Jan 1910 San Juan Puerto Rico m Arabella Scott Welch b 14 Nov 1848 Ky d 17 Mar 1932 Boundbrook NJ
y Bryan b 1878 Ky d 24 Jan 1963 New Orleans Lo m x Nickerson b 21 Jan 1883 d 11 Nov 1957 Metaire Lo dau of y Nickerson b 25 Jul 1837 Leroy Genessee Co NY d 12 Jun 1925 NYC and x King b 1861 Ill d 25 Dec 1933 New Orleans This line also has an ancestress, Frances Bryan b 14 Sep 1634 in Aylesbury, Bucks Engl.
Mary Wyman Bryan b 28 Apr 1905 Boundbrook NJ d 23 Feb 200 Panama City Fl m y Bruns b 16 Myr 1893 New Orleans Lo d 26 May 1954 Charlottesville Va
Bruns b 1 Sep 1943 Charlottesville Va
JOSEPH BRYAN continued from above was born between 1718/1720 in Chester Co PA d 1804/5 in Kentucky .bur 1805 at Floyd's Fork, Shelby, Kentucky
m ALEE LINVILLE abt. 1748.. She died 1807 in Kentucky
1-1 JOSEPH BRYAN, II was born 1752, in Augusta Co., VA and died Mar. 1844 in Monroe Co., MO.
m SUSAN (SALLY) CALLAWAY (so far unproven) abt. 1782 in Fayette Co., KY. daughter of JOSEPH/STEPHEN CALLAWAY.
1-1-3 SARAH "SALLY" BRYAN b 1789, in Rowan Co., NC d c 1829 in Oldham Co., KY
m STEPHEN WHITE CALLAWAY Oct. 10, 1810 in Jefferson Co., KY. son of JAMES CALLAWAY.

(upossible spouse of Ezekiel Barbee b 4 Nov 1774 Culpeper Co Va d 1820 but Ann Marie Nichols has supplied the dates above that show implausibility of this)
m William Bryan b 1733 d 1780
1-2 SAMUEL BRYAN, b. abt. 1742
1-3 JOHN BRYAN (Youngest son)
1-4 REBECCA BRYAN b 07-02-1739 d 1819
m 1755 DANIEL BOONe b 2 Nov 1734 d 26 Sep 1820 son of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan grandson of George Boone III b 166 Stoak Angland d 7 Aug 1744 Exeter Twp Berks Pa and Mary Maugridge b Branich England.
1-4-1 Susannah Boone reported by b 2 Nov 1760 d 19 Oct 1800 St charles Mo m William Hays b13 Dec 1754 d 13 Dec 1804
1-4-1-1 Boone Hays
m Lydia Ann Scholl b 1789 dau of Peter Scholl and Mary Boone b about 1764 d 28 Sep 1825 and granddau of Edward Boone and Martha Bryan = 1-5 below
1-4-1-1- Louisa Hays m Thompson Smith Crump
1-4-1-1- Henry Crump
m Celia Ann Scholl dau of Joseph Scholl Jr. and Eliza Ann Broughton and granddau of Joseph Scholl and Levina Boone dau of 1-4 above Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan
1-4-1-1- Henry Thompson Crump b 10 Aug 1853 in Calloway Co Mo
m Coretta Long
1-4-1-1- Jessie May Crump b5 May 1886 in Independence Mo
m Charles J Friend
1-4-1-1- Margaret Laverna Friend b 23 Sep 1907 Cameron Mo m Albert Chesley Seery
1-4-1-1- Ralph Seery b 1928
m Arleta Elaine Smith and had Dr Jerry Allan Seery b 1947 of Lakin Ks
1-4-1 Sarah Boone reported by (but one generation missed out: either daughter of Rebecca Bryan and Daniel Boone or their siblings below Martha and Edward Boone) b 1767 d 6 Jul 1819 Rowan NC
m William Ward b 1763 d 1770 Brush Creek, Carter Tn
1-4-1-1 Jane Ward b 1757 NC d 1789 Tn
m Thomas Williams b 1755 Va d 1846 Somme Picardie France
1-4-1-1-1 Jane Ward b 1757 NC d 1789 Tn
m Thomas Williams b 1755 Va d 1846 Somme Picardie France
1-4-1-1-1-1 Nancy Williams b 1788 Va d 1860 Elizabethtown Carter Co Tn m William "Billy Hell" Garland b 1784 NC d 1860 Carter White Co Tn son ofSamuel Garland b 1747 Halifax NC d 26 Jun 1828 Stoney Creek Carter Co Tn and Mary Harper grandson of Joseph Garland and Sarah and gr Grandson of James Polk Garland b 1665 Isle of Wight Va d Lower Parish Isle of Wight Va and Martha Ellen Sharp 2gr grandson of Peter Garland b Braunton Devon England d 1694 Isle of Wight Va
1-4-1-1-1-1-1 Isaac Garland b 1810 Carter Co Tn d 19 Nov 1886 Stoney Creek Tn m Anna Estep b 1813 Carter Co Tn d 21 Sep 1887 Somme Picardie France
1-4-1-1-1-1-1-1 Volantine Garland b 1841 Stoney Creek d 1896 Tn m Nancy Blevins b 1836 Va d 1863
1-4-1-1-1 -1-1-1-1 Isaac Garland b Aug 1862 Stoney Creek d ther 2 Apr 1930
m Orpha Frasier b 1861 Carter Co Tn d there
1-4-1-1-1 -1-1-1-1-1 Mary Garland b about 1863 TN
m David Blevins b 1882 see below
1-4-1-1-1-2 Martha Patsy Garland b 1819 Carter Co Tn d 19 Nov 1886 Stoney Creek Tn m Looney Blevins b 1820 Tn d 6 Apr 1893 Tn son of Dillon Blevins b 1773 Pittsylvania Va d 1840 and Nancy Williams b 1788 see above and grandson Dillon Blevins b Mar 1750 Pittsylvania Va d Apr 1836 Pleasant Valley Al and Ann Armstrong b 21 May 1750 Pittsylvania Va d Pleasant Valley and gr grandson of William Blevinsb 1735 Westerly RI d 1825 Sullivan Tn and Agnes Walling b 1740 Henry Va d 1818 Sullivan Tn and William Armstron b 27 Aug 1733 Langholm Scottland d 14 Jul Surry NC and Catherine Childers b 1730 Surry NC d 1810
1-4-1-1-1-2-1 Allen B Blevins Jun 1856 Tn m Seraphina Garland b Jul 1861 Tn d 1921 dau of Volantie Garland b about 1841 Stoney Creek see above and Margaret Hurley b 14 Jul 1845 Carter Co Tn
1-4-1-1-1 -2-1-1 David Blevins b 1882 Tn m Mary Garland b 1883 see above
1-4-1-1-1^1 -2-1-1-1 Ted Blevins b 1917 Carter Co Tn d 1985 Johnson City Tn
m Leona Gae Dunn 1926 - 2002 and had McArthur blevins b 1943 d 2002 m Venus Coy Wheelok and had Stephen Alfred Blevins b 1965
1-5 MARTHA BRYAN, b. 19-11-1740, in Exeter Township, Berks Co., PA., m. EDWARD BOONE. Martha Died Oct. 1780, killed by Indians.
1-5-1 Jane Boone b 28 Apr 1762 Rowan Co. NC d 10 Jun 1841 Davis Co Ky m Morgan Morgan son of Nathaniel Morgan this line shown by
1-5-1-1 Mary Nancy Morgan b about 1804 Feliciana Parish Lo d about 1855 Greenville Hunt Co Tx m George Washigton Thacker b about 1803 New Madrid Mo d about 1886 Collin Co Tx
1-5-1-1-1 James R Thacker b about 1833 Copiah Co MS d 2 Dec 1916 Fanninin Co Tx m Susanna E. Patton
1-5-1-1-1- Martha Jane Thacker b 23 Apr 1872 Randolph Fannin Co Tx d there 1903 m Jacob Irby Colvin Sr b 19 Jan 1874 Bloomington Ill
1-5-3 Charity Boone reported by b 11 Oct 1758 Yadkin Distr Rowan NC d 7 Apr 1843 Winchester Pike Ill m Francis Elledge b about 1749 Y>adkin NC d 18 Aug 1827 Morgan Ill son of William Elledge b 1740?? d 1778 and Sarah Indred
1-5-3-1 Nancy Elledge b 4 Oct 1788 NC d about 1861 Sullivan Ind m Nathan Phillips b about 1788 NC d Pike Co Ill son of Thomas
1-5-2 George Boone b 28 Apr 1767 Rowan Co. NC d 10 Jun 1841 Davis Co Ky m Patty Hazelrigg b 26 Jun 1775 Prince William Co Va d about 1800 Clark Co Ky this line shown by But the mother of Martha is shown as Hester Simpson insteade of Alee Linville
1-5-2-1 Ann Boone b 29 Apr 1794 Clark Co Ky d about 1833 prob Bourbon Co Ky m Eliphalet Muir b 10 Dec 1792 d 14 Dec 1868 Bourbon Co Ky
<1-5-2-1-1 Eliphalet Samuel Muir b 15 Jan 1831 Bourbon Co Ky d 9 Apr 1901 Lexington Ky m Margaret Ann Tarleton b 31 Mar 1838 Dog Fennel Prec Fayette Co Ky d there 20 Jul 1888
1-5-2-1-1-1 Samuel Boone Muir b 27 Dec 1860 Fayette Co. Ky d 12 Dec 1906 Georgetown Ky m Elizabeth Josephine Cox b 24 Noov 1863 Platte Co Mo d 10 Jul 1932 Houston Tx
1-5-2-1 -1-1-1 Mary Aline Muir b 22 Nov 1887 Donerail Fayette Co Ky d 15 Oct 1968 Waco Tx m John Douglas Robertsb 3 Nov 1888 Springfield Ky d 23 Apr 1969 Waco Tx
1-5-2-1 -1-1-1-1 John Douglas Roberts b 1925 Waco Tx
1-6 Mary Bryan b 1736 d 1819
m William Bryan b 1733 d 1780 son of Morgan Bryan b 1671 d 1763 and Martha Strode b 1678 d 1747 (data on descendants from Ann Marie Nichols� tree)
<1-6-1 Samuel Bryan b 1756 d 1837
m Mary Isabella Hunt b 1759 d 1842 dau of Col J Hunt b 1715 d 1782
+1 Col J Hunt b 1715 d 1782
m Isabella Hampton b 1732 d 1759
+2 John Hunt b 1693 d 1741
m Margaret Moore b 1698 d 1752
+2 David Hampton b 1710 d 1759
m Hannah Cozine b 1710 d 1737
1-6-1-1 Ann Nancy Bryan b 1776 d 1830
m James McMurtry b 1773 d 1853
1-6-1-1-1 Caroline McMurtry b 1803 d 1839
m Samuel Stowers b 1801
-a Frances Stowers b 1757 d 1800
+1William Stowers b 1763 d 1860 m Amelia Smith d 1812
+2 Samuel H Stowers b 1740 d 1786
m Anna Asbury b 1750 d 1796
+2 Temple Smith b 1745 d 1818
m Lydia Lane b 1751 d 1841
+3 John Stowers b 3 Apr 1708 Westmoreland Co VA d 29 May 1751 WEstmoreland VA
m Mary Minor b 1714 Cople Parish Westmoreland VA d there 1756
+3 Thomas Asbury b 1725 d 1766
m Ann Read b 1724 d 1796
+3 Nathaniel Smith b c 1762?/22 VA
m Elizabeth x b by c 1730 d 25 Apr 1752
+3 James Lane d 12790
m Lydia Hardage
1-6-1-1-1-1+ -1 James Stowers
-2 Richard Stowers
-3 Samuel stowers
-4 Mary Bryan Stowers b 1815
-5 Nancy Stowers b d 1821
-6 Eliza Stowers b 1823 d 1900 m Joseph H H Daniel b 1812 d 1881
-7 Rosetta Stowers b 1829 d 1914
1-6-1-1-1-8 Amelia Ann Stowers b 1837 d 1902 m Dr John A Linn b 1838 d 1902 son of +1 Ebenezer W Linn b 1808 d 1874 and Octavia A Pearl b 1809 d 1884 +2 Andre Linn Jr b 1784 d 1834 and Jane Clark b 1788 d 1828 +3 Andrew T Linn b 1753 d 1836 and Margaret E Scott
1-6-1-1-1-8-1+ -1 Carrie Linn
-2 Lyda Linn
-3 Harry W Linn b 1865 d 1904 m Ida May Walker b 1869 d 1963
-5 Eliza K Linn b 1876
-6 Mamie Linn b 1879
1-6-1-1-1-8-4 Rose Pearl Linn b 1875 d 1958
m James S Galbraith b 3 Oct 1874 Germantown KY d 15 Feb 1957 Tampa FL
+1 Hiram Baker Galbraith b 8 May 1832 Germantown Bracken Co KY d 11 Aug 1811 Mason Co KY
m Letitia Mitchell b 1837 Bracken City KY d 1880 Germantown KY
-a Hiram Galbraith b 1795 Mason Co KY d 1848 Germantown Brqacken Co KY
m Letitia Collins b 1810 Bracken Co KY d c 1870 Robertson Co KY dau of Ambrose Collins
-a-1 John Galbraith b 1837 Bracken Co KY k 1865 Civil War m Sarah Elizabeth Parker
-a-1-1 Phoebe L Galbraith b c 1857 Bracken Co KY d 21 Jan 1913 Robertson Co m Benjamin F Berry b c 1853 Bracken Co d 17 Jul 1928 Robertson Co had issue son of George Berry and Maranda Jett b 1833 KY d aft 1900 Robertson? Co Ky
-b Mariah Galbraith b 1802 Mason Co KY d 1828 Bracken Co m Benjamin F Berry
-b-1 George Berry b 1828 KY m Maranda Jett b 1833 KY d aft 1900 Robertson Co? KY
+2 John Galbraith b 1805 d 1833 Mason Co KY
m Cynthia Insko b 1810 d 1884
+2 William H Mitchell b 1787 d 1860
m Katherine Dollins b 1812
-a Jane Galbraith b1772 Augusta Co VA d 1815 Rockbridge Co Virginia
-c John Galbraith 1779 Rockbridge Co VA d there 1850
-d Margaret 'Peggy' Galbraith b 1780 Rockbridge Co d 1828 Rockbridge Co
-e Joseph Galbraith b 1782 Rockbridge Co d 1828 Rockbridge Co
-f Nancy Galbraith b 1786 Rockbridge Co d 19 Feburuary 1862 Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co VA
-g Eleanor "Ellen" Galbraith b 1787 Rockbridge Co d thereaft. 1842
-h William Galbraith b c 1788 Rockbridge Co
+3 George Galbraith b 1777 Rockbridge VA d 7 Apr 1835 Brooksville Bracken Co KY
m Mary Miller b 1782 Somerset PA d 1833 Mason Co KY
+3 Insko b 1810 d 1884
+3 y Mitchell b c 1760
+4 John Galbraith b 1739 Cumberland? Co PA d 30 Dec 1815 Rockbridge Co VA
m Barbara Brown b 1751 Kennett Chester Co PA d 1816 Rockbridge VA
-a??? Elizabeth Galbraith b c 1705 m Robert Smith b c 1705 Londonderry IRE (This is still pure speculation!!!)
+5 Robert Galbraith b 1715 Ulster IRE d 8 Mar 1748 Donegal Lancaster Co PA ( skips this generation)
m Rebecca Work b 1713 Lancaster PA
+5 George Brown b 1715 Kennett Chester Co PA d 1800 Rockbridge VA
+6 John Galbraith b 1690 IRE d 1753 Donegal Twp Lancaster Co PA
m Janet/Jane Mccollock/?McCullouch b 1693 IRE d Lancaster PA
+7 James Galbraith b 1666 Aberdeen Scotland d 23 Aug 1744 Donegal Lancaster PA
m Rebecca Chambers b 1670 Newton Donegal IRE d 1765 Hersey PA
+8 John Robert Galbraith b 1620 Newton Donegal IRE d there 24 Jul 1671
m Susan Beckwith b 1640 Aberdeen Scotland d 24 Jul 1671 PA
+8 Arthur Chambers b 1644 IRE d 29 Sep 1694 Donegal Lancaster PA
m Ellen Carden b 1645 IRE d Hersey PA
+9 Robert Galbraith b Sterling Scotland d 1650 Donegal IRE
m Margaret Seton b 1595 IRE d 1672 Donegal IRE
+9 Laird Beckwith b 1582
1-6-1-1 -1-8-4-1 Baker Galbraith b 1895
1-6-1-1 -1-8-4-2 Lettie L Galbraith b 1897
m Joseph Woodward b c 1895 son of y Woodward b c 1865
-1 Harold Woodward b c 1920 author�s 93 cM DNA match
-2 y Woodward
1-6-1-1 -1-8-4-2- 1.
1-6-1-1 -1-8-4-3 Harry E Galbraith b 1898
1-6-1-1 -1-8-4-4 Richard Corlis Galbraith b 1900 d 1978 m Marie b 1909
1-6-1-1 -1-8-4-5 Hazel Marie Galbraith b 1902 Germantown Bracken Co KY d 1949
m Roy Andrew Brown b 1899 Marietta GA d 1991
1-6-1-1 -1-8-4-5- 1. Wanda Eileen Brown b 1921 d 2010 had issue m1 Erik Conrad Michaelsen b 1917 d 1998 m2 Wilbur L Schmeiser b 1920 d 2002 m3 Peter Ras b 1918 d 1995
2. Evelyn Marie Brown b 1925 d 1994 m James Terhune had issue
-1-1 Ann Marie x m y Nichols
1-6 Ann Marie Nichols
1-6-1-1 -1-8-4-6 Robert P Galbraith b 1906 d 1987
1-6-1-1 -1-8-4-7 Clara Galbraith b 1911 d 1988
1-6-1-1 -1-8-4-8 Opal Galbraith b 1912 d 1964
m Willar W Wheeler b 1909 d 1996
1-6-2 Daniel Boone Bryan b 1758 d 1845
ii MARY BRYAN cont. from above m1 Cornelius Howard. reported by and V4UXN
m2 Phillip P. Bush and a son John William Bush b 2 Feb 1742 in Orange Co. Va. d 3 Mar 1798 in Ky which agrees with inasmuch as Cornelius Howard married the daughter of the above Joseph
ii-1 John Bush b 2 Feb 1742 Orange Co Va d 1 Mar 1798 clark Co Ky m?1 Elizabeth Nancy Walton b 1 Jun 1745 d 1 Jun 1780 Clark Co Ky reports m?2 Mary Tillman babout 1748 St Thomas Parish Orange Co Va d after 1824 dau of Thomas Tillman and son Mercer
Ann Bush b 1740/?60 Orange Co Va d 1835 Clark Co Ky m Thomas Powell .
Thomas Powell b 6 Aug 1779 Culpeper Co Va d 1860 Powell Ky m Hannah Pike b 2 Sep Montgomery Co Va d 1870 Powell Ky.
Hannah Powell b 4 Sep 1812 Ky d 1880 Ky m George Washington Howell son of Benjamin Berry Howell and Lucy Quarles.
Thomas J Howell b Feb 1840 Ky d 6 Jul 1903 Warren Co Ky.
John Lambertson Howell b 17 Mar 1863 Ky d 12 Jan 1922 Phelps Vilas Wis m Nancy Jane Combs.
Mary Louise Howell b 11 Jan 1903 Wis d 29 Apr 1960 Olathe Johnson Co Ka ma Joseph John Jossart.
Gloria Louise Jossart m Norman Paul Zeigler and had Sharon Lorraine Zeigler b 1952 Sarasota Fl m Robert Allen Brown and had Jason Eric Brown.
ii-2 Ambrose Bush reported by b 8 Apr 1748 Orange Co Va d 10 Feb 1815 winchester Clarck Co Ky m Lucy Gholson b 15 Feb 1745/6 d 25 Jul 1814 Clarck Co Ky
Jane Bush b 22 Jan 1775 Orange Co Va d 17 Jul 1837 Howard Co Mo m William Emtree
Ambrose Emtree b 31 Mar 1794 d 21 Jan 1839 m Catherine Emerson dau of Simpson Emerson and Margaret George
Jane Emtree b 2 Nov 1823 clarck Co Ky d13 Nov 1857 Liberty Clay Co Mo m Wiliam H Lane
Margaret Lucy Lane b 15 May 1848 d 28 Jun 1947 m Walter Chiles Ready
Kate Petty Ready b 3 Oct 1875 d 12 Apr 1946 m James Elzie Marrs
y Marrs m x Johnson dau of Thomas Monroe Johnson and Tonsie Mary Malvina Morris and had William Marshal Marrs
Mercer Bush b 7 Feb 1796 Boonesborough Clark Co Ky d 27 Ffeb 1880 Liberty, Clay Co Mo m Perlina Crews b 3 Apr 1806 Ky d 12 Apr 1885 Libertydau of William Crews and Rebecca Massie.
John Madison Bush b 10 Apr 1829 Ky d 8 Feb 1918 Orange Co Cal m Sarah Ann Watson dau of Henry Watson and Matilda Cock dau of William Cox and mary Jane Ervin.
Elizabeth Bush b 9 Jan 1857 Visalia Tulare Co Cal d 28 Jul 1948 Arvin kern Co Cal m Harrison Wright Borden and had Elizabeth may Borden 8 May 1884 d 11 May 1932 San Diego Cal m Ray Elmer Holcomb.
Rebecca Bryan reported by b 1735 Winchester Frederick Co Va d 1822 Rowan Co NC continued from above m John Boone b 6 Dec 1730 d about Jul 1803 Mocksville Davie Co NC son of Benjamin Boone b 16 Jul 1706 Bradninch Devons Engl d 14 Oct 1762 Berks Pa and Ann Farmer b 3 Mar 1700/1 Saffron Walden Essex Engl d before 1728 Morlotten Twp Berks Pa
Catherine Boone b 1760 Hunting Creek Rowan Co NC d 1845 Mulberry Lincoln Co Tn.m Mark Whitaker b 8 Apr 1750 Rowan Co NC d before Oct 1842 Lincoln Co Tn
.Martha C Whitaker b Fayette Co Ky d 16 Apr 1877 Lincoln Co Tn m Sterling C McLemore Jr b about 1790 d 23 Dec 1823 Lincoln Co Tn
.Elizaza Jane McLemore b 1821 Tn d 1860 Rusk Tx m James Wright b 1816 Ky d about 1855 Tarant or Rusk Co Tx
Benjamin Wright b 18 Apr 1848 Nashville Tn d 21 Oct 1917 Hill Tx m Jane >L .
.Benjamin L Wright b 1879 Tx d 4 Apr 1967 Camas Clark Co Washington m Aramitie Elizabeth Neatherlin b 18 Aug 1881 Hutto Wiliamson Co Tx d 1 Feb 1961 Vancouver Clark Co Washington
Sarah Bryan reported by b 1735 Winchester Frederick Co Va d 1788 Rowan Co NC continued below m Samuel Bailey b 6 Dec 1730 d about Jul 1803 son of William Bailey and Elizabeth Blowers
William Bailey b 1752 Rowan Co NC d Beech Creek Hawkins Co Tn m Isabell Benson b 1755 NC
William Bailey b about 1790 Rowan Co NC d 1893 Hawkins Co Tn m Sarah Patterson b 1802 Hawkins Co Tn
James Reilly Bailey b 12 Jan 1826 Hawkins Co Tn d 18 Oct 1884 Dallas Tx m Sarah Everhart b 29 Jan 1824 d 30 Aug Kleberg Dallas Co Tx
Sarah Elizabeth Bailey b 25 Feb 1848 Hawkins Co Tn d 20 feb 1905 Kleburg Tx m Chesley Jones
d Sarah Jane Jones m Willie Grey Allen
Br10-6 Elizabeth Bryan reported by b 1663 Isle of Wight Va d 31 Oct 1741 Bertie NC m David Hopper b 1650 Bertie NC? d Feb 1736 Bertie NC
Br10-6-1 David Hopper b 1680 Bertie NC d 1766 Henry Va m Elizabeth Freeman b 1682 Bertie NC d 1706 Henry Va.
Br10-6-1-1 William Hopper b 1705 Bertie NC d 1783 Matrimony Creek NC m Elizabeth Freeman b 1682 Bertie NC d 1706 Henry Va. m Mary Ann Wright b 1716 Queen Annes Md d 1747 Matrimony Creek NC
-1-1-1 Joseph Hopper b 1738 Rockingham NC d 9 Dec 1822 Rockingham NC m Jane Monroe
-1-1-1-1 Jane Hopper b 1769 Matrimony Creek NC d m Rice O Brim b NC.
Thomas Brim b about 1800 NC d m Susann Wright b NC.
Joseph H. Brim b 1831 Va
Christopher C Brimm m Mattie Pitts
Robert L. Brimm b about 1887 Ill d Sep 1975 Anna Union Co Ill m Inez Wilkins and had
Earl F. Brim m Helen B and had Gene Brimm b 1936 m x Lockard
Br10-6-1-2 Joshua Hopper reported by b 1740 Bertie NC d 1834 Rockingham Co NC m Lucy Cotton b 1752 Henry Co Va d 1840 Rockingham Co NC
-1-2-1 Joshua Hopper b 1738 Rockingham NC d 9 Dec 1822 Rockingham NC m Margaret Vari b 1781 Va d Ill
-1-2-1 Cavil A. Hopper b 1805 Cumberland Casey Co Ky d 9 Dec 1895 Douglas Co Mo NC m Sarah Mary Polly Spencer b 1814 Russell Co Ky d Ill dau of John M Spencer and Mary Comer b 18 Feb 1785 VA d 8 Mar 1852 Greene Co Ill
-1-2-1 Susan Caroline Hopper b 1848 Roodhouse Greene Co Ill d 20 Feb 1925 Little Black Rock, Black Rock Twp Pulaski Co Ark m William Charles McNeil b 15 Sep 1842 Houston Tx d 6 Aug 1919 Tomberlin Ark
-1-2-1 Luella Ann McNeil b 10 Aug 1867 Athensville Ill d 6 jul 1942 Washington Twp Vernon Mo m James Holland Campbell b 11 Jun 1856 Va d 14 Jan 1906 Randolph co Ark
-1-2-1 Nettie Campbell b 1891 Mo d Oct 1986 Springfield Mo m Caleb James Wilson
William Bryan contined from above b 10 Mar 1733/4 Winchester Va d 7 May 1780 Bryan's Station Ky m Mary Boone b 14 Nov 1736 Philadelphia Pa d 6 Jul 1819 Rowan Co NC dau of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan information from
Samuel Bryant (reported by ) b 6 May 1756 Rowan Co NC d 4 Mar 1837 Campbell Co Ky m Isabella Hunt dau of Jonathan Hunt and Isabella
Hampton Bryan b 13 May 1795 Bourbon Co Ky d 19 Sep 1844 Campbell Co Ky m Margaret Gosney b 5 Aug 1803 Campbell Co d there 24 Jan 1888
William Evermont Bryan b 29 Oct 1821 Campbell Co Ky d 21 Jul 1909 Alameda Cal m Mary Gregg Herndon
Alonzo worth Bryan m Luise Adelheid Bockmann and had Bernice Luise Bryan m Leonidas Arthur Starr
William Bryant (must fit here from ) b 1764 NC d 6 Sep 1834 Stonesport Boone Co Missouri m Rachel Wilcoxson b 1760 NC d 18210 Femme Osage Calloway Co Missouri dau of John Wilcoxson b 6 Sep 1720 Wales Pa d 3 Feb 1782 Bryants Knox Ky and Sarah Cassandra Boone b 7 Jun 1724 New Britain Pa d 20 Nov 1743??? Estill Madison Co Ky dau of Squire Boone b 25 Nov 1696 d 2 Jan 1765 Mochville NC and Sarah Morgan
Hiram Bryant b 1792 Estill Co Ky d 1836 Estill Co m Sarah Evens b 1798 Clay Co Ky d 1872 Montgomery Co Ky dau of Edward Evans 1762 Wilkes NC d 18 Dec 1839 Bucks Creek Owsley Co Ky and Margaret Bowman b 1770 Wilkes NC d 1815 Rockcastle Ky who was the dau of Cornelius Bowman b 1740 Shenandoah Valley Va d 5 Jan 1826 Booneville Owsley Co Ky and Susannah Abbott b 1745 Wilkes NC d Elliston Madison Co Ky and granddau of John Bowman b 19 Dec 1718 Shenandoah Valley Va d 5 Apr 1784 Madison Co Ky and Elizabeth Bryan b 25 Nov 1731 d 7 Nov 1813 Ky
-1 William Evan Bryant b 9 Jun 1815 Clay Co Ky d 4 Aug 1884 Bloody Creek Wolfe Co Ky m Elizabeth King b 22 Feb 1823 Clay Co Ky d 29 Mar 1882 Wolfe Co Ky dau of Moses King b 1792 in Franklin Va d 22 Dec Bloody Creek, Wolfe Co Ky and Mary Alice Pugh b 1793 Franklin Va d 1873 in Bloody Creek dau of Richmond Pugh b 1763 in Franklin Co Va
Hiram Bryant b 17 Dec 1842 Jackson Ky d 8 Mar 1931 Wolfe Co Ky m Elizabeth Hollon b Jun 1845 Devils Creek Wolfe Co Ky d 28 Jul 1930 Breathitt Ky
Wiley Bryant b 25 Jul 1875 d 28 Jan 1946 Breathitt Ky m Susan Perdue b 1875 Holly Creek Wolfe Co Ky
y Bryant b after 1905
-2 Ancil Doc Bryant b 1829 Clay Co KY d Breathitt Co KY
Elizabeth Johnson b 1833 d 1890 dau of William Johnson and Nancy Nesler b 1800 d 1878
-2-1 George Young Bryant b 1859 d 1910 m Sarah Jane Jett -1 Robert Lee Bryant -1-1 x Bryant m Paul Vincent Hays Tracey Hays m Goebel, author´s DNA match
Sarah Bryan (reported by b 1 Sep 1779 NC d 1854 Fayette Co Ky
James Grimes b 20 Jan 1760 NC d 5 Jun 1828 Fayette Co Ky
James Grimes b about 1796 Fayette Co Ky d 8 Apr 1873 m Elizabeth Browning
Lucretia Powell Grimes b 7 May 1837 Fayette Co Ky d 18 Dec 1903 m Isaiah Josiah Rich b 17 Sep 1836 d 25 Feb 1863 Helena Ark served in Civil War
Sarah Jane Rich b 16 Jun 1861 Crawford Co Ill d 16 Jun 1950 m Samuel Barton Williams and had John Isaac Williams who m Anna Belle Marlow
Mary Bryan continued from b 20 May 1769 Orange Co. NC d 28 Jan 1847 Hager Hill Ky m John Vanhoose b 5 Apr5 Apr 1760 Montgomery Co NC d 5 Jan 1860 White House Ky
Valentine "Felty" Vanhoose b 19 Sep 1797 Va d after 1870
Sarah Vanhoose b 31 Oct 1809 Lawrence Co Ky d 17 Apr 1879 m Moses Price b 18o9 Floyd Co Ky d 1888 Lawrence Co Ky
Louisa Price b 1831 Lawrence Co Ky m William Boyd b Apr 1825
Laurita Boyd b 19 Feb 1848 d 15 May 1911 m see below
Mary Vanhoose b 1834 NC d 1882 m Peter Daniel b 1833 Floyd Co Ky d 11 May 1912 2 PLAC
Major Daniel b 1868 Whitehouse Ky d 3 Mar 1940 Whitehouse Ky m Gabrilla Meade b 1877 Johnson Co Ky d 1925 Johnson Co Ky dau of Tivis James Meade b Russell Co Va d 1928 Johnson Co Ky and Louritta Boyd b 19 Feb 1848 d 15 May 1911 dau of see above
Jay Daniels b 20 Oct 1906 Offutt Ky d 8 Mar 1958 cleveland Oh
Patsy Sue Daniels b 1930 Weeksbury Ky m Richard Estill Penix b 1926 Boons Camp Ky and had Richard Jr.
Margery Bryan b 24 Apr 1786? 6 years posthumus!! reported here from (Either date is wrong or her mother had a another spouse after William) m John Goodpasture b
Morgan Bryan continued from above. 20 May 1728/9 in Shenendoah Valley Va or Chester Pa d before 1804 Bourbon Co Ky, m Mary Forbes b n information from for lne to dau Sussannah to Lettie May Young
George Bryan b about 1758 Rowan Co NC d 22 Nov 1845 Woodside Twp Sangamon Co Ill m Elizabeth Neal Rogers/Ragan b 1720 SC reported by b NC d
Polly Bryan d 1834 Ky m Thomas Jones b 31 Aug 1770 ?Va d 23 Oct 1841 Williamsville Sangamon Co Ill NC d
Sarah J. Jones b 21 Jan 1811 Ky Bourbon Co? d 20 Jul 1851 St. Joseph Mo m Thomas Peter Smith 24 Sep 1813 Baltimore Md d 24 Apr 1888 son of Peter Smith
William Thomas Smith 25 Jul 1841 Sangamon Ill d 20 Dec 1912 m Mary Susan Cramer b 7 Jun 1844 Columbus Ind dau of Joseph Cramer and Mary A. Lytle
Nellie Julia Smith b 25 Oct 1867 Newtown Iowa d 20 Oct 1947 Des Moines Iowa m Thomas Hall Knotts
Helen DeLancy Knotts b 25 May 1895 Des Moines d 29 Dec 1970 Des Moines m Ross Marmon Carrell
Susannah Bryan b about 1760 Rowan Co NC m Basel Boren b about 1758 Orange Co NC d 1812 Johnson Co Ill
Mary Boren b Springfield Robertson Co Tn d 1848 near Counsel Bluff Iowa m Jacob Young b 18 May 1774 Essex Co Va d 1842 Robertson Co Tn son of William Young b 15 Apr 1744 Augusta frederick Co Va d Putnam co Tn and Elizabeth Huff/Hough
Alfred Douglas Young b 13 Apr 1808 Springfield Robertson Co Tn d 17 Mar 1889 Kanab Kane Co Utah m Rhoda Byrne Jared
Adolphia Young b 22 Nov 1859 Provo Utah d 13 Oct 1894 Kanab Kane Co Utah m Zilphia Smith Lewis b 2 May Harrisburg Washington Co Utah d 26 Feb 1917 Kanab
Lettie May Young b 1 May 1884 Kanab d 29 Apr 1960 Kanab m William Spencer Swapp b 28 Aug 1877 glendale Kane Co Utah d Kanab
Thomas Bryan continued from above m Eleanor Elizabeth Winnifred
Margaret/Morgrave Bryan b 22 Jul 1693 North Farnham Rappannock Co Va d there 20 Feb 1752 m Canon Brannon b 1687 Ulster Ireland d 4 Jun 1750 North Farnam Parish Richmond Co Va
Thomas Alexander Brannon b 10 Apr 1723 North Farnam Parish Richmond Co Va d May 1804 Johnston Co NX m Katherine Croucher b about 1724 Amelia Co Va d before 1804 Johnston Co NC dau of Richard Croucher and Dorothy Taylor b about 1681 Surry King and Queen Co Va d 25 Feb Amelia Co Va and granddau of Thomas Taylor b 1657 Haleigh Suffolk Engl d Richmond Co Va and Elizabeth Harwood
Canon Brannon b about 1752 Amelia Co Va
John Brannon b 3 Jan 1775 Johnston Co NC d 27 Jan 1858 Ellerslie Harris Co Ga m Nancy Parker b 7 Nov 1786 Hillsboro Wake Co NC d 29 Oct 1863 Ridgeway Harris Co Ga dau of John Parker Sr b before 1755 d Feb 1806 and Chloe Lassiter babout 1765
Tyre G. Brannon b 13 Nov 1821 Hillsborough Wake Co NC d 21 Jul 1891 Macon Co Al m Mary Matilda Slaton b 31 Oct Wilkes Co Ga d 8 Jul 1898 Macon Co Al
Rhetensia Arabella Brannon b 15 Dec 1851 Ga d 30 Jul 1943 LaGrange Ga m David Clopton Pugh b 1 Aug 1858 in Al d 25 Apr 1936 West Point Troup Co Ga
Dallas Macon Pugh b 26 Mar 1894 Al d 5 Aug 1978 Evergreen Conech Co Al m Pearlie Annis Raren b 24 Jul 1894 Andalusia Covington Co Al Monroeville Al dau of Daniel Damascus Rabren and Mary Magdalene Fuqua
Leroy Brannon b about 1766 Amelia Co Va
Leroy Brannon b about 1766 Amelia Co Va m Rebecca Cole b about 1766
Leroy Brannon b 1804 NC
Elizabeth Brannon b 1834 Ga d 1911 Dekalb Co Ga m Washington lafayette Kelley
Milda Catherine Kelley b 6 Appr 1852 Dekalb Co Gam Tomas A. C. Payton b 1850 Dekalb Co Ga son of William R. Payton b 1822 Stafford Co Va d 1894 Dekalb Co Ga and grandson of Cornelius Payton b 1777 Wythe Va d 1850 gr Grandson of William Peyton b 1741 Va d 1820 Elbert Co Ga
Mary Bryan probably dau of this Thomas b 1700 North Farnham Va. Richmond Co Va d 1798 m Richard Gay b 1700 Wright Va d 18 Mar 1754 Wright Va
Thomas Gay b 1740 Ile Wight Va d 10 Dec 1802 Hancock Ga m Patience McDaniel b 1740 Isle of Wight Va d 1790 Hancock Ga
This needs fixing ??? Allen Gay b 15 Mar 1765 Northampton NC d 18 Jun 1849 Coweta Ga m Abigail Castlebury b 24 Aug 1767 NC d 27 Jan 1824 Jasper Ga ???? Eliza Hendrik b 1801 Ga d 1860 Coweta Ga m Elizabeth Henricks b 1820 SC
Miltia Maneriva b 1847 Ga d Ark m allison Frye b 1838 Ga d Jan 1913 Brown Ark
Josie Fry b 1866 Ga d 16 Jul 1934 Ok m William Allison Stewart b 1863 Al d 29 Dec 1947 Ok
Mattie Stewart b 1888 Ok d Jun 1977 Sallisaw Ok m Ossie Stephensb 5 Oct 1887 Ok d 5 Aug 1959 Sallisaw Ok
y Stephens b after 1905 m x Hardin
possibly sister of William above Elizabeth Bryan reported b 17 Oct 1669 b Ayr Scotland North Farnham d North Farnham Parish Richmond Co Va m John James Phillips
Tobias Phillips b 12 Jan 1686/7 North Frnham Parish d there 1 Nov 1739 m Hannah Goad b 1 Nov 1687 N Farnham Parish
hannah Phillips b 1724 N Farnham Parish m Reuben Dale
Isaac M Dale Eleanor Tillman
Nancy Elizabeth Dale b about 1775 Shenandoah Valley Va d 27 Nov 1862 Hamitlon Ill m Moses Shirley
Elizabeth Shirley b 2 Jul 1802 Ky d 16 Mar 1877 m Alfred J Moore
Julia Ann Moore b 1853 Hamilton Ill d about 1898 Mo m William Jasper Hunt
Stella Hunt m John Presley Smith/td>
Ica mae Smith m Cecil Theodore Sinden and had Virgil McCoy Sinden
Cornelius Bryan b 8 Nov 1795 Tn d 7 Aug 1878 Al m Kisseah Jane Robertson b 15 Jan 1830 Al d 7 Aug 1888. This line reported by
Thomas Green Bryan b 2 Sep 1864 Florence Lauderdale Co Al d 14 Nov 1938 Florence Al m Sarah Artillia McCluskey b 1856 Al d 27 Apr 1921
Sarah Frances Bryan b 10 Oct 1888 Al d 21 Nov 1973 Florence m James Harvey Wallace
Mary Lucille Wallace b 2 Jul 1918 Florence d 1998 m Alton Jasper Mathis
Jasper Lee Mathis.
Br11-2-2 Edward Bryan (cont. from above reported by and TRRNW) b 1661 Isle of Wight Co Va d 1738 Craven Co NC m Christian/Christine Council
Br11-2-2-1 Mary Bryan II b 1688 Isle of Wight Va d about 1755 Johnston Co NC m John Bush b 1685 Isle of Wight Va d 1728 Bertie Co NC
Br11-2-2-1-1 Elizabeth Bush b about 1730 m Mark Phillips Sr
Br11-2-2-1-1 Lucretia Phillips m John Phillips b 1759 Treutlen Co Ga d 15 May 1796 Treutlen Co son of Joseph Phillips Sr b 1717 d 1804 Montgomery Co Ga and Susannah
Br11-2-2-1-1 Ephraim Phillips b about 1780 Ga d 1848 Emanuel Co Ga m Ruthie Flowers
Br11-2-2-1-1 Jane Flowers Phillips b 1815 Emanuel Co Ga d 3 Nov 1882 Emanuel Co Ga m William J Williamson
Br11-2-2-1-1 Andrew Jackson Williamson b 13 Mar 1844 Montgomery Co Ga d 15 Feb 1910 Vidalia Toombs Co Ga m Lecy Ann Phillips dau of Drew Phillips b 1813 Montgomery Co Ga d before Aug 1852 Emanuel Co Ga and Sarah Moore and granddau of above Ephraim Phillips and Lydia Taylor. Lydia Taylor was the dau of Mark Phillips Jr (see below brother of Lucretia Phillips) and Sarah Taylor dau of William Taylor and Nancy Johnson
Br11-2-2-1-1 Mark Phillips Jr b betweeen 1740 and 50 NC d 1820 NC m Sarah Taylor b 1742 or later d 1825 Emanuel Co Ga dau of William Taylor and Naqncy Johnson
Br11-2-2-1-1 Drew Phillips b 1813 Montgomery Co Ga d before 1852 Emanuel Co Ga m Sarah Moore
Br11-2-2-1-1 Lecy Ann Phillips b 23 Jun 1848 Montgomery Co Ga d 2 Mar 1917 Montogmery Co Ga m Andrew Jackson Williamson see above
Br11-2-2-1-1 Luvania Williamson m Benjamin Franklin Palmer and had Dorothy Da Alva Palmer m Abbie Leon Wilkes
Br11-2-2-2 Edward Bryan II b 1690 m Ann Zilphy Deiptt b 1676
Br11-2-2-2-1 Joseph Bryan b 1730 Craven Co NC d there 1805 m Sarah Maule b 1734 Craven Co NC
Br11-2-2-2-1- Edward K Bryan b 4 Jan 1764 Jones Craven Co NC d 8 Nov 1825 Twiggs Co Ga m Penelope Blackshear b 13 Apr 1773 Jones NC d 19 Aug 1839 Twiggs Co Ga dau of James Blackshear and Catherine Franck and granddau of Alexander Blackshear b about 1708 Kent Co Del d 3 Oct 1786 Jones Co NC and Agnes Stout b 1711 d 1793 Jones Co. Catherine Franck was the dau of John Martin Franck b 1682 Germany d 1745 Craven Co NC and Seil Müller b 1695 Palatinate Germany and granddau of Jacob Müller
Br11-2-2-1-1 Col Elijah Bryan b 1800 Craven Co d 1850 Ga m Elizabeth Penelope Bryan dau of Edward Bryan b 2 Oct 1759 and Susannah Blackshear b 27 May 1769 Jones NC d 5 Sep 1835 Twiggs Co Ga and granddau of John Bryan b 1722 Craven Co NC and Rebecca Martin. Susannah Blackshear was the dau of James Blackshear and Catherine Franck see above
Br11-2-2-1-1 Elizabeth Ann Bryan b 1822 Ga m Cptn Walter Jacob Robinson b 1820
Br11-2-2-1-1 Elizabeth Anna Robinson b 15 Jun 1843 Greenwood Fl d 29 Nov 1914 Marianna Fl m Charles White Davis b 19 Auf 1834 Marianna
Br11-2-2-1-1 Walter Robinson Davis b 13 Jul 1884 Marianna d there 1959 m Pearl Eugenia Folsom
reported by possibly dau of this Richard. Br10-4-1 Richard Bryan cont. from above b
Br10-4-1 Margaret Bryan cont. from above b about 1730 m Samuel Owens b about 1725 son of John Owens possibly the same as d 1712 in Richmond C0 Va
Br10-4-1 Lucinda Owens b about 1755 King George Co Va d 11 Aug 1823 Marietta Oh m Thomas Jett b about 1755 Stafford Co Va d 9 Sep 1832 Marietta Oh son of Francis Jett b about 1736 Va d 22 Oct 1791 White Oak, Stafford Co Va and Barsheba Porch and grandson of Peter Jett b about 1717 Mattox Creek Westmoreland Co Va d before 5 Aug 1784 King George Co Va and Rebecca Bowen b aboout 1717 Ing Georg Co and great grandson of Francis Jett b about 1687 Richmond Co Va d 1762 King Georgeand Margaret Payton b 1688 Richmond Co Va d 1739 King Georg
Br10-4-1-1 Margaret Jett b about 1775 d after 1850 m Nathanaiel Morehead b about 1772 Fauquier Co Va d about 1834 Wood Co Va son of William Morehead b about 1740 Hamilton Parish Prince William Co Va d about 1809 Fauquier Co and Mary Jones and grandson of John Morehead Srb about 1700 Va d before 24 Oct 1768 Fauquier Co and Mary Armistead b about 1700 King Georg Co d about 1768 possibly a dau of Ar9-3 William Armistead or Ar9-4 Henry Aristead and granddau of Ar10 John Armistead and gr granddau of Charles Morehead Jr and Jane Preley b 29 Jan 1652 dau of Peter Presley and Winifred
Br10-4-1-1-1 Armistead Morehead b 14 Oct Fauquier Co d 17 Oct 1878 Sandyville Jackson Co WVa m Tacy Richards b 20 Jun 1798 Va d 24 Mar 1872 Sandyville dau of Isaac Richards and Deborah Drake b 9 May 1773 Bloomfield Loudoun Co Va d 1 Dec 1827 Wood Co Va dau of Thomas Drake b 13 Jul 1728 d 25 Jul 1811 Loudoun and Eurah Humphrey and granddau of Jonathon Drake b about 1689 Piscataway NJ d about 1754 and Mary Clawson and gr granddau of George Drake b about 1650 d after 8 Nov 1709 and Mary Oliver 2gr granddau of Francis Drake b about 1618 England d after 1687 Middlesex Co NJ and Mary Walker
Br10-4-1-1-1-1 Mary Elizabeth Morehead b May 1833 Jackson Co Va m Mark Custer Jr. b 1829 Green Co Pa d 1863 Jackson Co WVa
Br10-4-1-1-1-1-1 Alonzo Milton Custer b 11 Apr Sandyville Va d 28 Jul 1927 Sheridan Lake Kiowa Co Col m Serena Jane Duncan b 9 Feb 1858 Mannington Marion Co Va d there 12 Apr 1907 dau of George Nelson Duncan b about 1826 Harrison Co Va d befor 1900 WVa granddau of John Wesley Duncan (possibly of these Duncans) b about 1780 d 1836 harrison Co WVa and Phoebe Pigott
Br10-4-1-1-1-1-1-1 George Henry Custer m Mary Effie Goodwin and had George Henry Causter Jr. b 5 Aug 1911 father of David Francis Custer
Br12-? of no established relation to the above was:
Joohn Bryant b 1553 Bampton, Devon
m Rose Church b 1582 d 1610 Kent
Br12-?-1 John Bryant c 1592 Kent d 1638 in Kent
m Ann Perkins b by 1596 Kent d 1 Jun 1654 Eastham MA dau of John Perkins and Judith Gater b 19 Mar 1588 she m2 Deacon John doane
Br12-?-1-1 Thomas Bryant of Plymouth Colony b 1613 ENgl d 2 Jan 1632 Plymouth MA
Br12-?-1-2 Stephen Bryant of Plymouth Colony b c 1616 ?Cranbrook Kent d Oct 1698 Weymouth MA
m Abigail Shaw b c 1624 d 24 Oct 1694 Plymouth MA dau of John Shaw and Alice x
-1 Mary Bryant b 29 May 1654 Duxbury MA d 11 Dec 1715 Plymouth m Eleazer Churchill b 20 Apr 1652 Plymouth MA d 25 Mar 1716 Plymouth
-2 Stephen Bryant
-3 Abigail Bryant
-4 Stephen Bryant
-5 John Bryant
-6 Sarah Lobdell
-7 Lydia Churchill
-8 Elizabeth King
-9 Alice Bryant
-10 Mehitable King
-11 Ichabod Bryant
Br12-?-1-3 John Bryant of Scituate b 1618 East Greewich Kent d 20 Nov 1684 Scituate MA
m1 Mary Lewes b by 27 Dec 1625 Brenchley Kent d 2 Jul 1655 Scituate + 7 ch dau of George Lewes of Brenchley and Scituate b 3 Aug 1600 Brenchley Kent d 3 Mar 1664 Barnstable MA and Mary Doggett
Br12-?-1-3-1 John Bryant Jr b Aug 1644 Scituate MA
Mary Batelle b 6 May 1650 Dedham MA d 2 Nov 1732 Hanover MA dau of Thomas Batelle and Mary Fisher b 23 Mar 1624 lyleham Suffolk
-1 John Bryant, III
-2 Jonathan Bryant
-3 David Bryant Sr b Aug 1684 Scituate d 21 Jun 1731 m Hannah Church
-4 Mary Bryant
-5 Joshua Bryant
-6 Samuel Bryant
-7 Martha Bryant

-3-1 David Bryant, Jr.
-3-2 Elizabeth Bryant
-3-3 Mary Torrey
-3-4 Jacob Bryant Sr b Jan 1714 Scituate d 7 Feb 1781 Scituate m Abigail Newton dau of Jaazaniah Newton and Deliverance Newton
-3-5 Bethsheba Or Barsheba Palmer
-3-6 Hannah Sturtevant
-3-7 Ruth Hatch
-3-4-1 Jacob Bryant Jr
-3-4-1-1 Lydia Bryant
-3-4-1-2 Anna Bryant
-3-4-1-3 Polly Bryant
-3-4-1-4 Abigail Bryant
-3-4-1-5 Samuel Bryant b 5 Mar 1785 Marlborough MA d 1850 south Reedsboro VT m Lois Hicks b 13 Sep 1780 Richmond NH d 1850 Readboro VT dau of Ruth Garnsey b 18 Jun 1754 Rehoboth d 1 Oct 1842 Monroe MA m Oliver Hicks
-3-4-1-5-1 Sarah Giles Bryant b 22 Oct 1814 Readsboro d 13 Oct 1844 Feeding Hills MA m William Brittan/Britton Adams b 14 Feb 1814 Pittsfield MA d 6 Jan 1861 Tooele UT had issue son of Peter Adams and Abigail Clark
-3-4-1-6 William Bryant
Br12-?-1-3-2 Joseph Bryant
Br12-?-1-3-3 Hannah Stodder
Br12-?-1-3-4 Sarah Mary Bryant
Br12-?-1-3-5 Martha Bryant b 26 Feb 1651 Barnstable d 19 Apr 1726 Scituate MA
m Israel Sylvester Sr
-1 Israel Sylvester
-2 Lois Sylvester b 27 Jan 1681 Scituate d 28 Oct 1738 m Hezekiah Stoddard
-3 Zebulon Sylvester
-4 Martha Sylvester m Turner
-6 Elisha Silvester
-7 Bathsheba Damon
-8 Mary Sylvester m Stodder
-9 Deborah Sylvester m Woodwar
-10 Silence Silvester
-11 Richard Silvester
-12 Peter Silvester
-2-1 Bathsheba Stodder b 10 Feb 1712 MA m David Dunbar b c 1704 Hingham Plymouth Co MY d Scituate 1760 son of Joseph Dunbar and Christian Mary Garnet
-2-2 Hezekiah Stodder
-2-3 Hezekiah Stodder b 28 Aug 1722 Scituate d 1801 m Abigail Whiton

-2-1-1 Joanna Dunbar b 27 Dec 1730 Hingham d 1 Dec 1824 Savoy MA m Luke Bowker
-2-1-2 Jesse Dunbar
-2-1-3 David Dunbar
-2-1-4 Bathsheba Dunbar
-2-3-1 Obediah Stodder b 4 Jul 1760 Scituate d 30 Jun 1832 m Celia Vining

-2-1-1-1 Anna Bowker b 13 Sep 1753 d 2 Jan 1821 m Stephen Tower
-2-1-1-2 Bathsheba Bowker m Doten
-2-1-1-3 David Bowker
-2-1-1-4 Calvin Bowker
-2-1-1-5 Mary Bowker
-2-1-1-6 Ruth Bowker m Vaughn
-2-1-1-7 Liberty Bowker
-2-3-1-1 Cyrus Stoddard b 7 Apr 1797 d e Apr 1873 m Lucy House

-2-1-1-1-1 Peter Tower b 10 Jul 1791 Cummington MA d 1 Apr 1882 Niagara Co NY m Olive Baldwin b 22 May 1803 Dorset VT d 17 Mar 1886 Niagara Co dau of Guy Cariton Baldwin b 1776 Dorset VT d 1847 Ticonderoga NY and x Martindale
-2-1-1-1-2 Anna Tower
-2-1-1-1-3 Joanna Tower
-2-1-1-1-4 Stephen Tower
-2-1-1-1-5 David Tower
-2-1-1-1-6 Otis Tower
-2-1-1-1-7 Clarissa Tower
-2-1-1-1-8 Luke Tower
-2-1-1-1-9 Salome Tower
-2-1-1-1-10 John Tower
-2-1-1-1-11 Rhoda Tower
-2-3-1-1-1 Samuel Stoddard b 29 jan 1834 Scituate d 8 Jan 1903 Rockland MA m Lucinda Harwood Everson

-2-1-1-1-1-1 Luke Tower
-2-1-1-1-1-2 George Tower
-2-1-1-1-1-3 Harmon Baldwin Tower
-2-1-1-1-1-4 Peter Tower
-2-1-1-1-1-5 Olive A. Tower
-2-3-1-1-1-1 Samuel Harwood Stoddard b 1 Nov 1872 Rockland d 26 Oct 1956 m Grace Munroe
-2-3-1-1-1-1-1 Ralph Ellsworth Stoddard 1898 d 1977
-2-3-1-1-1-1-2 xy Stoddard
-2-3-1-1-1-1-3 Mildred Stoddard
Br12-?-1-3-6 Samuell Bryant
Br12-?-1-3-7 Mary Bryant
Br12-?-1-3-1 John Bryant, Jr.
Br12-?-1-3-2 Joseph Bryant
Br12-?-1-3-3 Hannah Bryant
m Stodder
Br12-?-1-3-4 Sarah Mary Bryant
Br12-?-1-3-5 Martha Sylvester
Br12-?-1-3-6 Samuell Bryant
Br12-?-1-3-7 Mary Bryant
- - - -

Bryant of the Netherlands

Br12. Cornelis Aertszen Bryant b 1607 Steenwijk Overijssel Netherlands
Belitje Hendricks
Br11 Pieter Breijandt b 1644 New Amsterdam d 1692
m Hendrickje Arents b 1649
Br10 Cornelius Breyandt b 18 Apr 1676 NYC d 1729
Margrietje Van Winkle b 1676 d 1730 dau of Symon Van Winkle b 1653
James Briant b 1771 and Ann Lewis
-1 Lydia Bryant b 18 Jun 1797 NJ d 9 Dec 1884 m Jacob Mitchell b 21 Sep 1790 Sussex Co NJ d 6 Mar 1875 Washington Co IO son of William Mitchell b 14 Jul 1765 NJ d 14 Aug 1848 Mt Vernon Knox Co OH and Pheobe Southard b 20 Aug 1769 NJ d 24 Feb 1861 Mt Vernon Knox Co OH (dau of Timothy southard b 1736 Parsippany Morris Co NJ d 1777 Rockaway and Susana Sorden) -1-1 Mary Mitchell b 21 Jul 1825 Knox or Richard Co OH d 20 Oct 1913 Muscaine IO m John Lewis b 1818 Fayette PA d 1890 Muscaine -1-1-1 Charles Pumphrey Lewis b 15 Jan 1848 Mt Vernon Knox Co OH d 20030 Jun 1901 St Louis MO m Fern Pratt b 26 Dec 1854 Baraboo Sauk Co WI d 10 Nov 1911 Tamarck Aitkin Co MN -1-1-1-1 Mary Lewis b 1885 d 1976 m Freidrich Wilhelm Gliessmann b Noepke, Neidersachen Germany Oct. 19, 1883 d Galesburg, Knox, Il Oct. 10, 1962 -1-1-1-1-1 Kathryn Gliessmann b 1914 d 2001 m Edward Heath b 1905 d 1972 son of George heath b 8 Aug 1873 South Wilbraham MA d 4 Feb 1926 Huntingto MA and Agnes chaffee b 1879 d 1973

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(1) For upper section : TCP (Bryan), BE1883 (Bryan).
(2) For lower section : various web sites.

Additions for the Morgan Bryan descendents from from

The following extract is from a book named "Knights Of The Order" and it refers the the Knights of the Garter. It is in the library of the Society of Genealogists in London. These notes were copied by Eardley Bryan on 18th July 1991 by Eardley Bryan from photocopies that he made at an earlier date.

pp 179-181 EDWARD III.



This great man was the son and heir of sir Guy Bryan, of Tor Bryan, in Devonshire, and succeeded his father in 1349, at the age of about thirty-nine,(1) His first military essay was made in the expedition against Scotland, soon after the coronation of Edward III; and he was with that monarch near Stanhope park,(2) in Durham, at the bold but unsuccessful attempt of Douglas to surprise the English camp in the night of the 4th August 1327.(3) In July 1330 he is described as one of the king's valets and of full age, in a proceeding to settle a dispute between him and his father concerning the barony and castle of Walwayn in Pembrokeshire.(4) In 1337 he was again in the Scottish war.(5) In 1339 he served in Flanders, and was with the army at Vironfosse and at Ourney St. Benoyt.(6) He was appointed, in 1341, governor of St. Briavell's castle in Gloucestershire, and warden of the forest of Dean.(7) In May 1347 he received orders to hasten, with various other persons, most of whom were peers, to the king at Calais, in the expectation of an attack from the powerful army of king Philip.(8) In the autumn of that year he probably returned with theSovereign to England.(9) In 1349 he was intrusted with the temporary custody of the great seal on the resignation of the chancellor Ufford.(10) In December of the same year, he bore the king's banner in the romantic expedition of Edward and his son, which gallantly frustrated the project of Geoffroi de Chargny to gain repossession of Calais by a bribe to the governor; and his valour and conduct upon that occasion were rewarded by a pension of 200 marks on 1st April 1350.(11) On the 25th November in the last-mentioned year, he was to parliament among the barons of the realm; and, from that we find him constantly employed in martial and diplomatic affairs of high importance. He was, in 1353, a commissioner to treat with Louis count of Flanders for the observance of the truce;(12) and in the same year, by the style of "dominus de Lagherne," ambassador to negotiate a treaty of peace with France;(13) and that object being , he was nominated, with Henry duke of Lancaster and others, ambassador to Rome, to procure a ratification of it from the pope.(14) On the 24th November 1355, he was ordered to hold himself in readiness, with forty men-at-arms, to proceed against the Scots who had taken Berwick;(15) and he served in the army which, in the following year, retook that town. In May 1357, by the style of dominus de Chastel Gawayn, one of the king's councillors," he was a party to the truce concluded with Scotland.(16)

Lord Bryan was in the army before Paris in the spring of 1360; and, upon the conclusion of the treaty of Chartres, one of the four barons who were sent to the French capital to swear, in Edward's name, to its observance.(17) He had, with his three colleagues, the custody of Calais upon the king's return to England;(18) and, in October of the same year, swore, at Calais, with the prince of Wales and his great officers, to the fulfilment of the articles of peace.(19) In 1361 he was again ambassador to the pope.(20) He was constituted, in 1369, admiral of the fleet to be employed against the French;(21) served, in the course of that year, under the duke of Lancaster in Normandy;(22) and, on 6th February 1369-70, had the appointment of admiral of the fleet in the parts westward.(23)

After the death of the renowned Chandos (which happened on the 31st December 1369), he was elected into the Order of the Garter, and filled the eleventh stall on the Sovereign's side, where his plate still remains. Robes were issued to him in 1371, 1373, 1375 to 1378, 1383 and 1387 to 1389.(24)

The public records show that lord Bryan was employed in various high commissions until within a short time previous to his death on 17th August 1390. His remains lie interred under a splendid tomb in the church of Tewkesbury.(25) Genealogists differ respecting the name and family of his first wife; who, by some is stated to have been Ann or Alice, daughter and heir of William Holway, of Holway, com. Devon; and, by others, Joan, daughter of sir John Carew. He married, secondly, Elizabeth daughter of William Montacute first earl of Salisbury, (by Katherine Granson,) and relict, first, of Giles lord Badlesmere; and, secondly, of Hugh lord le Despenser. She died 31st May 1359. By his first marriage lord Bryan had only a daughter, Elizabeth, the wife of sir Robert Fitzpayne: by the second, he had three sons: sir Guy who died before him, sir William, and sir Philip; and a daughter, Margaret, the wife of sir John Erlegh. William and Philip died without issue; and the issue from sir Guy, the son, became extinct in the third generation. The representatives, therefore, of our distinguished knight, and the coheirs to his barony of Bryan, are the heirs-general of Thomas Percy seventh earl of Northumberland, K.G.,(26) as heirs of the body of Elizabeth Fitzpayne; and George- Warwick Bampfylde, lord Poltimore, and Mary baroness Sherborne, daughter and heir of Henry lord Stawell, as the descendants and coheirs of Margaret Erlegh.


or, three piles, conjoined in base, Azure.


On a chapeau Gules, faced Ermine, a hunting-horn Sable, garnished Or.

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The two wills copied out below were taken from type written sheets of loose paper that were under the name Bryan in the box of loose manuscripts, papers, etc. that are in the library of the Society of Genealogists in London. They were photocopied by Eardley Bryan and then copied onto disk at a later date (28 Apr 1991). I do not know if either of them have any connection with us, but they are interesting to read anyway!

Abstract of the Latin Will of Thomas Bryan, Knight.

(In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ and St. Anne with Ss. Christopher and George) Justice of the King's Bench and unworthy liegeman of the Catholic Bench of Faith, sound in mind and memory, dated 7 Feb 1495.

Soul to God my Creator and Saviour.

Body to be buried in the church of the religious men of Ashringe if it happens that I die within 20 miles, and if there I leave to the Rector and Bretheren for my funeral exequies and other obsequies, to celebrate according to their �20. and if beyond 20 milestones thence, where it seems good to my executors, without needless pomp, and without illicit profit and overcharge. Whatsoever is distributed in great works of charity shall be by discretion of Doctors of Divinity of good life 40 marks to such parsons places and the like as may serve my soul and like perils and penalties. To Thomas Brian my son and Margaret his wife all lands rents and services to them and their heirs lawfully begotten between them and if they have no such issue to Elizabeth and ultimate remainder to my right heirs.

Reasonable reward for 1000 masses by friars and others at the discretion of my executors.

To the High Altar of St. Andrew in Holborn London for tithes these not fully paid in the times of Masters Worthyngton and Grene and others 40s. and the like to the High Altar of the church of Masseworthe in the times of William and Thomas Paulyer 40s. and the like to the High Altar of St. Sepulchre London in the times of Masters Dalton, Welles and Broun and others 100s.

To each house of Friars in the City of London 20s.

Bread and drink to the prisoners of Newgate, Ludgate Flete King's Bench and Mariscale. �5 between them according to the rate of prisoners.

To Elizabeth my dau. 12 silver spoons which I had in past left me by Lady Otteley and �10 relief for the appropriation by her will thence made.

To Joan my bastard dau. late wife of Thomas Clement 40s. and anually after my obit 40. out of all my lands.

To Anne Dilcock dau. of the said Elizabeth �10 towards her marriage.

To Lady Katherine Ottley late wife of Bartholomew Seman of London 100 marks if so much remain.

From my goods I leave to the parish churches of Everton, Heyton and Clareborough-next-Retforde co Notts �4 equally to be divided between them.

A priest to be found to sat Mass and other obsequies for mt soul and souls of my parents for 20 years after my death.

To emend the church of Masseworth and especially the image of the most glorious Virgin Mary �10.

To the servants to whom nothing is left by will 20 marks.

I leave to Thomas Bryan my son and Margaret his wife 1040 marks according to agreement and promises made to my Lord the Earl of Surrey and Lady Elizabeth his wife upon the marriage articles of Thomas and Margaret. The Residue to the same Thomas and Margaret and I make them executors. Sealed the day and year above said.

Wit. Master Richard Baker, Clerk, Thomas Betonson, Chaplain, Christopher Michell, Chaplain, Henry Hede, Iremonger, Robert Serle, brewer.

Thomas! Thomas my son, Thomas I ask and require you as bound by filial love for my soul and you my beloved Margaret his wife I beg your help. Farewell.

Proved 11 Dec 1500 by Wm Swayne lawful proxy of Thomas.

P.C.C 13 Moone.

Richard Bryan - dated 1558.

1558. T. Ric. bryan de Stoke 18 Janua. In the name of God
Amen. In the yere of our Lord god MDLviij the xiiii day of November.
I Ric Bryan of Stoke co. Leicester within the Diocese of Lincoln being
sick in body but of whole and pfyte mynde and meori etc.

My soul to God Almighty my creator and my body to be buried in
the churchyard of St. Margaret in Stoke. To the mother church of
lyncolne iiijd.

To my son Robert bryan my greatest pot & my greatest pan and an
other mydling pot &c. I will that my wyfe shall make to the said
Robart a Russett Jacket with sleeves and another without sleeves and a
payre of hoose. To my wyfe Agnes bryan the tacke of my house for the
space of vij yeres next following the feast of Seynt mychael
tharchangel last past. Also my teme carte ploes tec. so that at the
same yeres end she shall deliver to my sayd son Robart the sayd tacke
teme &c. Also half the crop of the lase of sevn yeares. To my son
John bryan for the wch his mother my wyfe shall delyver to hym when
she shall think best for her yese and hys pffet. To my servant Johan
a payre of sheets &c. My will ys Robart pallet shall have the house
wch he dwelleth in fvye yeres from Michaelmas last if he cannot place
himself better else.

The residue of my goods &c. I give to my wyfe Agnes bryan whom
I make sole & lawful executrix to dispose & divide same for the
health of my soul. I make Elyce Smyth of Stoke & Robart pallet of
the same Supervisors. Wytnes the same Elyce & Robart wt other.

Inventory of goods &c. of the said Ric. ryan late of Stoke in
the Diocese of lyncolne praysed the ix day of Dec. by John bebe,
Elyce Wykes Elyce Smith & Robart Pallett Anno Dni 1558. Amount with
debts the whole sum is �ix xviij d.

This will formed the subject of Chancery Proceedings in
1568. Agnes his wife died in 1565 (see Adm. bond of that
date, in which the suffix 'Golding' is added to the place
name - the first instance yet discovered.

Baron Bryan
"Baronia Anglica Concentrata"
Sir Guy Lord Bryan, K.G. from a book named "Knights Of The Order"
Bryans in "Devon and Cornwall Notes and Queries."
Early Bryan Knights from Knights of Edward I, Vol 1
"History of Dorset" Woodsford
A De Bryan pedigree, from my father's cousin
Extracts from "Pedigrees from the Plea Rolls" (Wrottesley)
Various Bryan entries from Poole, Dorset, Library
More Bryan entries from various books in Poole Library
Baron Bryan from "Burke�s Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited and Extinct Peerages", 1883

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