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Dr. jur. William Hester, B.A.

translator, pensioner

city council candidate in Leipzig May 2014

Telephone: 0341 3310800

Lortzing St. 8,
D 04105 Leipzig, Germany

Apr 2018:
The accusation of Rebellion against Puigdemont is absurd and a crime on the part of the Spanish Government; for a people´s right to self determination is an inalienable right that cannot be prohibited . The concept of "Rebellion" principly means the use of military force against the state, of which there has not been a hint, neither on the part of Puigdemont himself nor on the part of any of his ministers, nor on the part of any of the provincial authorities, nor of these inciting such use of force.
And the demonstrations of private persons have not amounted to anything like a rebellion, even if they had taken the form physical violence, to which Puigdemont may in no way be deemed to have incited.

An inalienable right to self determination does of have its limits where it conflicts with the principles of social justice, just distribution of taxes and neighborly relations. One must not try to pick out all the rasins and then try to leave the other to themselves.

But Madrid has not seen to establishing equal degrees of autonomy in all regions, just like London once tried to pass on all the costs of the 7 Years War in Europe to the same Americans who had born most of the costs of conquering Canada for the Crown. That bought the outcry "Taxation without representation is tyranny!" and a real and justified Rebellion. Who is inciting Rebellion hier? You have to look towards Madrid to see the answer: denying a reasonable amount of autonomy and and negotiation of tax distribution.

As expected, the refugee agreement with Turkey and the German weapons supplies have only unleashed the next wave of refugees. Özdimir ought to be sent as ambasador to Ankara, if he has any idea how to let blockheaded muslim nationalist where to get off.

Ankara has been showing such complete disregard for the principles and purposes of NATO and European human rights that the only use of Turkey in NATO could lie in their not being of use to Moscow. Not even that is now the case. Be gone with them!
- - - - -
The elephant is moving to Jerusalem, that will be the end of the last porcellan there! Couldn´t Trump have at least reserved a place on the wall in Jerrusalem for the embassy and made an opening on the Palestinian side to also make it the emassy for Palestine? That would have come closest to the wish of both peoples to have Jerusalem as their capitol, would have been cheaper, saved outrage.
- - - - -

An earlier ending of all diplomatic and trade relations with Russia might have prevented the latest poisoning. But it is business that makes the world go round. Yep, businessmen who make the party donations that keen wolrd whirling poliricians in powers and make the people pay for their mistakes and misapprpriations. Not bad at all, just evil.

Aug 2017:
And yet another eine gigantic money injection for a gigantic bankrupcy that supposedly is not at the peoples exspense. My belief in Santa Claus is stronger than in that. How big was the party donation for that?
Die chanceler pretends to be for a clean environment, but has been looking on for years while the auto gigants break the and doing nothing. And why are the car producers abligated by law to produce vehicle upgrades for older cars and offer them for sale. For my Oldtimer I could afford an exhaust system upgrade, but not a new car. The CDU/CDS pretends to be for education and public safety and old age security. Why have they been reducing teaching and police staff for years then? Why do so many pensioners have to go to court for every cent? Why is nothing done to help get people in lower income brackets into their own homes? The state subsidies for home buying can effevtively only be taken advantage of by persons in the middle and upper income brackets. For those in the lower income brackets without real estate there should be an exemtion from the property purchase tax and VAT. For buying a new house or condo those who already have property ought to pay 30 percent VAT so that they do not snap away everything. That would make the free market fair for everyone.
Well the shock of the American election keeps us in susspence with ever more shocking reports. The people voted against corruption and job outsourcing. But what is going to change does not look particularly like what was voted for. Segret negotiations with a European aggressor while questioning the existence of NATO. The populist tendencies will have their repercussions in Europe. The chronic non-voters here are being mobilized by the same "us first" cries as in America. When these angry new voters swell to a tide bringing the AfD into the Bundestag as third strongest party, the percentages of the established parties will be smaller and the chance of their disappearance greater.

In the past many voters were enraged the too much was done for the banks, speculators and industry but too little for the man on the street. So they understandibly refused to vote. Now they are being attracted by radical rightists, not because they all hate immigrants but because they see themselves being inundated by new prey for exploitest forces. New prey anxious to get on the the same treadmills these angry non-voters have been driving without hope of getting ahead in life. New families searching for an affordable apartment, while realtors are trying to squeeze every cent per square meter out of what the market yields.

The federal election in Germany is revving up! And Schulz seems to be promising to do something against the dismantling of social justice ushered in by Agenda 2010. At least someone can read the writing on the wall.

Unfortunately I am not making much progress with my green friends in getting support for my ideas about social justice. It is not that they are against it, on the contrary. They just want to exclusively emphasize other meritous topics. But I have not even an inkling of idea of how they expect the parliamentary seats needed for a strong voice in a government coalition.

Feb 2017:
"3/5ths" has to be revised to 1/5th:
In the last year we have learned that the integration courses are funneled over a federal agency, which did next to nothing for a year and only recognises the teacher applications submitted by so called Bildungsträger. So all money for the courses flows over these dark channels, and little reaches the teachers who do the work.

Then billions for Syrian refugees are stashed in the pocket of a dictator who uses it to fight a minority in his country forcing them to start marching our Way!

Hurray! More reason to label more money "integrtion aid" and funnel it into the pockets of true party friends!

Dec 2015: Dec 2015:

Hurray! Angela has finally got it 3/5ths right, although even that is rather sloppy: A lack of living space and integration courses for those arriving. And what is supposed to happen with the 3 billion disappearing into Turkey instead of directing it NGO's directly involved in supporting the refugees who are supposed to stay there? What percentage will actually be used for their relief? What percentage will be used for antidemocratic measures there?

Finally a kind of effort to stop ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but still looking on while Russia bombs the freedom fighters needed to fight ISIS on the ground.

Now what about Africa? Suitable refugee space and an end of the fighting there?

What about defusing the resentment against refugees? That makes two big and total wrongs.

Immediate employment of refugees in the construction of social housing units, housing containers and prefabricated housing! Most will manage as laborers without language courses and learn German on the job if someone is sent along who speaks their language and explains things for them. Evening courses will make up for the deficit soon enough. As the total number of refugees for 2015/16 will come to about 2 million and half will be returning in 20 to 30 months, housing containers and prefabricated houses are what they will want to earn here, so that makes at least a good 500,000 units needed asap. Social housing units were scarce enough in most places, before this flood started, so at least a million units are definitely needed asap. But not in the countryside or on the other side of the city far away from where there are going to be new jobs.

The housing subsidies for low income brackets have to be rethought: Workers must be able to afford adequate living space near their place of work. That means stringent zoning. It is a total planning defect, when the people who do the work have to travel 30 to 90 minutes to work and the same time home again every day. How can they afford it on low pay? How can they find time for a family? No wonder we have been looking at a birth rate of far less than 2 for the average grown woman!

A financing plan is needed for refugees to buy housing containers or prefab units, and a place to put it up until they want to return home. The same applies for social housing units. But first come those who are disgruntled with the lousy situation they had before this wave of refugees started. It is not surprizing that they resent the idea of newcomers getting away with all the goodies! A lot has to be made up for the last 15 years of low pay for hard work!

So a quick long term plan for getting the working man (woman, of course, too) out of high priced or remote rental units into affordable housing. The high priced rental unit must become an extinct species, i.e. a major change in rental law.

The continued wars abroad are making it clear that the reduction to a small peacetime army of volunteers has left Germany without a credible defense force. A force that radical rightists could easily infiltrate, besides that.

Thoughts ought to be turned to building up a credible reserve army. But rather than requiring 12 or 24 months of active duty a program with a month of training annually or semi annually would fit in better with study programs while offering a chance to earn the money for the next semester. Such a reserve program would assure that people with a more liberal background and way of thinking always remain the basis of the military. Otherwise it is not a question if there will be a putsch, but when.

Sep 2015:

Another gift of 86 billion Euros earmarked for the banks and speculators, but next to nothing done for jobs in Greece except everything to kill them.

Yeah, a little belated relief for displaced persons, and yet the world stands by and does absolutely nothing to get at the causes. How about housing the refugees in the closed German and American barracks and setting the able bodied young men to military training so they can drive out the war criminals and get their homes back? Train an interconfessional brigade! And I have not heard a word hinting at an exile government. Beds, blankets, bread and bacon are not going to beat the bad bastards out of their bastions! Enough Syrians have left the country to do so. They would be entitled to take over the Syrian Embassies and the Syrian seat at the UN. Such an exile government could make an alliance with Israel and the Palestinians. A claim to souvereignty is voided, when a government fails to act against tafficing people and the violation of human rights! Immediate EU take over to stop it!
Feb 2015:
The cradle of democracy has spoken:

Angela your politcs stink!

Help programs that only help bankers and do not help the people find work aren't worth beans!

The only thing that will help is a moratorium on interest and debt repayment over a longer period of time.

Greece must have at least 95 % employment immediately so that there is more taxable income and the national debt is brought down below 100 % of GNP rather than soaring up towards 200 % due to policies that are cripling the economy.

State Bankrupcy: The EU must initiate state bankruptcy laws that get to the heart of the problem.

Unlike the bankrupcy of a small business, a state cannot be liquidated without enslaving its people. The economy, which is just the sum of the produce of those working in the state and measured in terms of Gross National Product = GNP, must be kept at full productivity. Laying off state officials and killing state infrastructure projects only makes sense to the extent that it increases the efficiency of the state, i.e. better service for fewer tax Euros, more security, better planning and construction projects, more health services and better schooling with less burocracy. But throwing all the bees out of the hive as the Merkelists would have it simply means no honey.

So what should the state bankrupcy procedures look like?
1. A moratorium on the interest on old bond issues: a maximum of 1 % interest during the period of repayment that is scheduled at a low percentage of GNP over 30 years. 2. EU control in tax offices to elimate tax evasion and corruption. The basic political structure and elective system of the bankrupt state should be maintained but EU inspectors would have free access to ALL offices and be able to expose all corruption and have jurisdiction over all offenders. Where files are missing there is to be a presumption of corruption. The movement of all government funds prior to bankruptcy must be transparent, otherwise those who were in charge are jailed and expropriated even decades later. Bars for shredders.

The problem in Greece is a very old one and goes back to the time long before the introduction of the Euro. And it is typical of what may be expected elsewhere. Long standing corruption, tax evasion and cover-up can and does bankrupt a state: there must not be a statute of limitations for punishing it and seeking compensation for it.
3. Minor EU financial support for government activities for a short period after commencing procedures, if regular revenues are insufficient to maintain the payment of state officials.
4. Some EU financing of infrastructure investments that will bring a return for the EU, such as investment in wind, solar, bio-gas and hydroelectric power. That brings more employment immediately, reduces the dependance on Engergy import for the future and steams up the economy. Soon the tax Euros will roll in.
June 2014
The only right thing about ther policies of the unsocial, unchristian and hardly democratic great coalition is, that the public debt has to be reduced, so that the revenues do not disappear in interest. PAY AS YOU GO, step by step! But that does not mean, that we should have fewer teachers and policemen or go without street repairs, but spend zero money for saving speculators instead.

The source of the wealth of a nation is only that, which its people and workers can produce. If the people are not given work, the country gets poorer.

Money is only worth as much as you can buy with it.

To give a man willing to work nothing to earn his livelihood with, is worse than burning money.

The ability to lead is characterized by finding suitable tasks for the workforce, not by rationalising away jobs and throwing workers out on the street!

Government miserliness about our children's education, as we have been suffering for some time, is as bad as sprinkling sand into the transmissions our production lines.

Our future depends on all the inventions that are necessary to win energy better from wind, sun and aggriculture, save it, transport it and use it. Without education nothing will come of them. And without education the people will not be able to bear political responsibility for themselves.

Exercise your right to vote in all cases, every uncast vote is a vote for continuing abuse of power!

Many courageous people have given their lives to win the right to vote.

Whoever does not vote, has nothing to complain about but his cowardice.

Whoever is dissatisfied, should vote for an opposition party, better yet, join one! Until the 5 % exclusion clause is ended, it is only limitedly sensible to found a new party.

Once upon a time there was a clever Saxon who thought, if I put all the solidarity gold into an American piggy bank instead creating jobs both interest and jobless rates will grow like beanstalks. Then when the red/green experiment finally crashes, I can pull a business boom out of my magic tophat. But Lehman made it vanish better. But he is still free as a bird today, because great robbers always have good friends who never (want to) speak of the unimaginable (grass grows over anything least spoke of most quickly).

Had Merkel spent but a tenth as much money for infrastructure measures in Greece etc., instead throwing so much away at speculators for party contributions, the economy would now be flourishing instead of suffering all the unemployment.

Had Merkel invested this money für solar energy systems in the sunny South, these countries would be less dependant on oil and gas, and we would have saved our solar cell production from receivership and won sustainable profits from the sustainable source of energy.

But only a physicist completely out his/her mind could have countless barrels full of radioactive waste dropped into the briny bottom of a saltmine! It is not a question "if", but when the corroding barrels will burst and release their poisons into the groundwater.

An act to be penalized: murder still in the phase of attempt! Can we still stop this mass murder? Only if votes are cast differently than last time!

The party that claims to represent the middle cannot be trusted by anyone except its big donors! Or?

Reform Plan, May 2014:

Besides better environmental, educational and kindergarten policies I stand auch for my vision of a better future through active party work:

1. better education. 10 % of the classes have been suspended regularly for years and technical equipment is out of date, because savings are made in the wrong places. How is the next generation to cope with technical advances without education?

2. better old age security. exactly those who could not save anything with the Riester humbug scheme, are having their pensions robbed by the loss of pension expectations by 25 % due to Agenda 2010. Then came the next atrocity: half the pension became taxable. If a pensioner's spouse is still working, that means whatever tax progression rate applies is also taken from his pension. At least 1000 Euro/month should be taxfree again.

3. juct power supply costs. exactly those who earn little, now have to pay more for electricity, so others can make more money. save jobs by reducing the social insurance costs by a participation of the social insurances on the value-added-tax. Why should 1500 more companies been selected for free power over the last 8 years? The government alone is to blame, not die Greens. Well, in red light districts and sometimes in other place every thing can be bought for money gemacht.

4. just distribution of burdens and advantages. taxes should be burdened there where there are riches. Out with the cold tax progression! Retroactive rise of taxfree incomen levels. Progressive taxation of rental income as a means against astronomical rent increases.

5. just health care costs. No income limit for social insurance contributions.
Over a period of ten years, the social insurance contributions should be halved and the difference replaced by a social taxation of the business turnover (Such a basic shift in finances will have to have adjustments, co-ordination and fine tuning, to minimize deficits and shortcomings), to the total amount of 10 %. At the same time the VAT should be reduced to 9 %, so the sum of social and VAT remains at 19 %. To compensate for the loss of revenue from VAT. the land tax should be increased, for self used realestate this should be very modest, but only for larger units of luxury size. For rents at the local social rent rate there should be no increase, but for higher rents there should be progressive tax which cannot be burdened on the tenant. A rental income must be sufficient to assure a reasonable profit from investments for den building and refurbishing dwellings; but an employee must be able to afford a dwelling near his place of work. Only if a landlord has no advantage from raising the rent to the clouds will he refrain from doing so (and hence setting the wage price spiral in motion) and thus forcing employees to live farther away from their places of work and to assume more travel costs and longer travel times to work. Only by closing rent/purchase agreement should a faster return of building or refurbishing measures be possible. The rich enjoy in greater measure the security of the modern state, while the small earners pay so much at every turn with social insurance contributions, VAT, energy tax and public fees.

6. job creation. Employers should be rewarded in business, land, income, and corporation tax for employing, more people, instead of working their employees to nervous wrecks. A company paying a substantial higher social tax on exports and domestic turnover as well as high employer shares for social insurance deductions because of a larger number of employees should be treated differently than one with far fewer employees with commercial property of the same value and the same margin of taxable income. Whether progressive property and corporation taxes or deductions for social tax and employer social insurance payments should be allowed here instead of free or cheaper electric power, will, of course, require careful calculations and analysis and certainly entail heated debate among business owners and city administrations, but these are the people who are dumping the expense of needed boni on the back of the private power consumer.
7. job protection. Patent law must be changed to reflect the contributions of employees in the develment of patents. The workers in the research and develpment departments make direct contributions which are absolutely necessary for inventions and should also be anchored in the patent rights. But all those in other departments participate raisings the funds to finance such research and development work. So a foreign company must not be allowed to exploit such rights and simply lock out workers.

8. Constitutional changes. The global competence of the Bundestages and the provincial legislatures must be split up to allow more selective election of policies. Catastrophies like as in Amerika 2000: many voters who may have been for environmental friendly policies voted Bush and hence for war and many evils, because they were more against abortion. Here differential election is also not possible.

A separate chamber for all matters involving health, where doctors, nurses, other specialists, pharmacists and emloyees of the pharmaceutical industry and the insured can vote directly for the party of their choice
A separate chamber for wage, salary, remuneration, social aid, unemploment benefits and pensions.
A separate chamber for all matters involving taxes, dutes and fees.
A separate chamber for all matters involving promotion of special economic sectors.
A separate chamber for all matters involving civil and penal law and justice and police .
A separate chamber for all matters involving defence, foreign and EU policies.
Small chambers for all matters involving administration and transport policies.

Small chambers of about 111 members each and without a 5 % vote threshld rather 1 % and not neccarily with geographical division, as the differences of interest of the people are the same most everywhere, and direct representation of all interests of the smallest groups in law making is important.

By creating a separate social tax on turnover an essential part of making a separate budgets for health and pensions is made. On the basis of a separate financing system the people can then better recognize, if they should raise or lower rates, in order to fulfill their social task better and more justly, instead of simply having to swallow whatever bitter pills said to be necessary by self named experts lining their pockets pockets with self voted salaries.

April 2014

Paint the desert green!

Trade water for a strip of desert!
Found a green EU colony in the desert where all refuges can build a new existence and produce their own food while helping to transform carbon dioxide back to fresh air again.

Can we afford not to busy those out of work with the realization of this noble project?

Canals, tunnels and pipes should redirect the headwaters of the Elbe, Danube and Rhine to the Mediterranean Sea, where it is run through a pipe to Africa. There half is traded for the sovereignty over a large piece of the Sahara, and the rest is used by refugees for plantations there in the desert.

Considering the general instability in Africa, only EU sovereignty in the project area can guarantee the peace and security needed.

The price may be astronomical

... but it is 100 % for new jobs
100 % for reducing the CO2 level
100 % for climate improvement
100 % for worthy habitation of refugees
100 % for increasing world food production
100 % for prevention of floods.
100 % for more hydroelectric power
100 % for extended domestic waterways and
100 % against global warming
100 % against refugee trafficing!
But for not painting the desert green, the price will be more astronomical:
The costs of more and more annual floods in Europe will rise, until we cut back the production of CO2 or counter its production with more vegetation. Even if we could transport ten cubic kilometers of water to the desert every year, and even now and for every year the thirsty roots of plants and trees could suck it up it would take years, until the increased photosynthesis would make up for the last 100 years of coal and oil burning.
The costs for keeping refugees will increase until we find a worthy place for them. The resentment of our poor will increase until refugees have found a place where they assimilate into the population as full citizens.
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