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Private power production and marketing

The perfidiou German government wants to penalize the power production onf private rooves by making all power producers feed all their power into the grid for resale and then cover their own power consumption at prices imposed by the general power suppliers including renewable energy charges and VAT.

The government's intention to promote big producer's planting fields with photovoltaic crops is obvious, instead of capitalizing on the area von unused rooves for more power production. Where is our food to come from, if the fields are not planted with crops?

It is still possible to sell power unrestricted the network of the lowest level transformer, i.e, local community, and we ought to take advantage of that. But the private power producers form collktives,
in order to reach the annual production level to be admitted to buying and selling electric power on the power exchange.

If you have a roof without photovoltaics,
please let us know!

If you have photovoltaics on your roof but no power accumulator,
please let us know!

If you have photovoltaics on your roof and a power accumulator,
please let us know!

Together we can secure a free power market,
standing alone we will be robbed by the gigants!

Private home owners have to unite
and invest in their own photovoltaic and power storage capacities to make full use of their property.

Send me an e-mail und schreib mir was Sie haben und was Sie brauchen und was Sie tun können.

Dr. William Hester

Dr. jur. William Hester, B.A.

translator, pensioner, power producer

Telefon: 0341 3310800

Lortzing St. 8,
D 04105 Leipzig, Germany

March 2019:
Petition to the Saxon delegate conference,
by Dr. William Hester, dr.william.hester@web.de
The Saxon LAG and BAG Energy groups of the Bündnis90/Grünen should draft reform proposals for the federal and Saxon building laws and budget planning:
so that 1. new buildings and renovation projects, which include the replacement of roof beams, the roof form should be designed or changed, to optimize the area for mounting photovoltaic and solar heating panels,
2. the roof protection against flying embers and radient heat is rendered by covered with suitable panels of such types,
3. the wall height on the south side the top floor should have a minimum height of at least 1 m in order to allow use as dwelling space ,
4. micro wind power units rotors with less than 3 m diameter and noise level less than 44 dB should be mounted,
5. the installation of accumulator units is mandatory to make the electric power available when it is needed by the public power mains, and
6. the erection of charging stations for E-vehicles at street sides, as far as the location seems recommendable.
7. for other houses, commercial buildings and other built up areas with suitable roof areas the city and town administrations are to be empowered and obligated to order that photovoltaic and micro wind Power units be installed, as long as the local power needs are not otherwise supplied by renewable energy forms.
8. the federal and provincial governments should provide adequate financing for this without narrow minded bank loan policies.
Justification: If we want to end our dependence on coal, oil and nuclear power, the production of renewable energy must be increased as quickly as possible. The erection of wind and solar parks at the expense of forest and agricultural areas must also be minimizeed, the supply of food and conversion of CO₂ to oxygen must be secured. So all built up areas must be utilized for renewable energy.

In recent years countless new buildings have been built and renovation projects carried out without these measures for improving renewable energy, because the city adminstrations and powers in the city councils want to keep power production firmly in the hands of the power companies and advocates of the coal industry. This must be stopped. We have to get up on everyone�s roof with these measures!

But the profitability of the needed investment presents a degree of risk for the economy and the private households. Photovoltaic and wind power systems need about 10 years to pay off, and the life expectancy of accumulators is not necessarily 10 years. So the state has to bear risk of investment, for the transition in energy politics is clearly in the public interest.

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